New ideas for rust :P

Hello here are some ideas for Rust.

Farms: You should be able to have plants in your farm
CIggaretes: It would be cool to have ciggaretes should be made with paper and some plant to show the people whos the mafia master
Pets:It would be AWESOME to pet a wolf/dog (dog would be nicer) probably with bones that u will get from killing other animals
Some other food types: Garry u cant go on with pigs that drop chicken people will think you are retarded
Bikes: People struggle with getting distance to find resources a bike would be nice
Science Places: Also a place for experimenting with stuff for instance Anti-Zombie thing that will turn a zombie into a dead human…
Horses: Horse riding would be good and if someone shoots your horse you fall down
Thirst: Water bottle with no thirst is weird so if you are near a coast you should be able to fill a bucket with water and the sea water is dirty so it lowers your hp like eating raw food
Basements: Digging holes would be a major strategic advance for rust
Keys: Keys would be nice for friends for example when u research a door u also research a key for it and it wont be fair if when you go in ur house its not locked and when someone else it is

If you think these ideas are good feel free to comment and if u have others comment…again Bye

You know that digging in the enviroment is hard as fuck to make unless it’s in the engine already, as the game isn’t based around squares like Minecraft or Seven Days to Die

Yea i know but it would be cool because u can dig a little ammount and throw it somewhere behind you

because this is a real life game so the experience must be Real

Farms: Has already been discussed in other threads. Please read the forums in order to avoid the re-posting of ideas.
Cigarettes: Pointless aside from the aesthetics, and the devs are not focusing on things like this at the moment.
Pets: Sounds like your just projecting Minecraft fantasies into Rust here. Wolves are not animals that you can domesticate, unlike what Minecraft would have you believe. Therefore it would go against the realism the devs are aiming to create to implement a “pet” system. That said, I would love a pet pig that followed me around a crapped bacon all day long.
Bikes: Again, discussed in other threads. Refer to my answer for ‘Farms’.
Science Places: Vague at best. Similar to what people have mentioned RE workbenches, again see other threads.
Horses: Again, seems like Minecraft projection. However I don’t think its a stupid idea, however would become unbalanced against the planned addition of cars.
Thirst: I don’t think you understand what makes up ‘sea water’. Please educate yourself further on this matter.
Basements: YAY! You had a good idea! But also widely discussed in other threads.

In conclusion, you have one (perhaps two) good ideas, one of which has definitely already been discussed in numerous threads.


Ajax i didnt make this thread so you can flame at me at any single possible way

You start naked for fucks sake! Even if it was some kind of a disaster, I think you would still keep your clothes on. You cook metal and make fragments, make guns out of fragments, the game isn’t realistic in so many ways. The digging would be way too difficult to implement, even if it was voxel based like in 7dtd, so, I don’t expect to see that coming in the future.

I’m not flaming at you, I’m merely pointing out that you haven’t put much thought into your ideas.

I only agree the keys… The other’s would make Rust to Minecraft.