New Ideas for Rust

I think Rust is a very nice game but i think some more things could/should be added to the game:
1)Farming, fishing, herding and gathering; A player’s only way to get food can’t be to hunt for animals, it would be very unrealistic.
2)Seasons and weather; I think rust should have a seasons in it so that players can expirience the long and cold nights at winter with ,mabye some snow, or the long and hot summer days where the players might need to take some clothing off to avoid being overheated(all of this things should affect hunger too)
3)Veichels; A player has been playing rust on a server for over an month now, he has full kevlar, top weapons and a giant metal base but he goes hunting by foot. i don’t think it’s normal.
4)Player skill points; someone has been chopping wood for lots of time now, i think if that is the case he should get a little increase in the amount of wood he gets or at least consume less hunger.
5)InGame map; how much time have you spent tring to find youre map position to meet up with someone. Wouldn’t it just be easeir with an minimap?

I like everything but number 3,4,5

Reapply the old combat movement, which is a blessing for melee fighters. All i want :wink:

I thought a while back they were working on something regarding fishing. Seasons would be really cool, vehicles… eeeh.

Something to drink and something to repair your broken items… I love that they implemented the metabolism and durability in the game --> but if they do, atleast give us something to deal with it -.-