New Ideas for stairs

Hello everybody. Since the half block, stairs and foundation stairs are removed now, we might think of new alternatives for those.
The old way to build stairs with half blocks was widely appreciated amongst most of the players. Circular towers could have circular stairs going up with a triangle every half block.
Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to come up with new Ideas for stairs in case the current half block exploits (and the half block shelves garry happens to hate) don’t get fixed while they’re removed and half units aren’t re-emplemented.

So here’s what I came up with:

  • a “large stairs”, which resembles 2 stair blocks and 1 half block. The old textures, colliders etc shouldnt be too hard to obtain and it would be a simple thing to re-implement those.
  • maybe the same principle but with 60° and 90° angles in a half block height, as commonly used in circular towers.
  • a “round stairs”, which can be used if people don’t like right angles and fits on 6 triangular foundations going up in height 1 block
  • An actual elevator ran on electricity powered by energy sources that aren’t implemented yet.
  • There could be a more complex system where you can actually connect two floors by selecting them. When selecting two floors in a circular structure with 60° angles inbetween the selected floor, there could be a mechanism that connects them automatically by replicating the old stairs as one building block or new kind of entity.
  • On straight stairs, you might be also able to “pull” the stairs at the top or bottom floor to remove a part of the floor and make the stairs less steep. I am aware that this is probably not the best Idea because “reduced” building blocks will bring new problems again and are probably also difficult to implement into the old system because such a partially removal never took place.

So please share your thoughts and ideas on new ways to build stairs or replicate the old possibilities without needing the old building parts.

So nobody actually cares about coming up with a way to fix the issue but prefer to insult developers for removing those half blocks and stairs. Oh wait - Now its pillars, everybody forgot about half blocks yet?
Honestly I hope they will come back once the exploits are fixed. However, my point is, people keep complaining about stuff but don’t often come up with new Ideas to fix it.

we don’t need those, but if we have them back we would have more options for building structures.

How about just keeping the existing stair models and just rescaling them a bit so you can stick a little ledge at the top so you don’t have to do the leap of faith to jump through a doorway at the top?