New ideas, More Improvised weapons, firearms Realism

The game is amazing, I give my congratulations to the producers. To continue improving the game and always good to see new ideas, here’s mine.

  • Possibility of collecting rocks and ores from the rocks of the mountains. Would be to collect wood from the trees, but sometimes can find ores.
  • Greater quantity of stones collected from the mines.
  • Some stone buildings: Walls (Doorway and window), Foundation and Fences. (pillars and roofs of wood or metal only).
  • Collect two piles of wood instead of just one from the trees with his hatchet.
  • Throwing weapons like rocks, stone axes (Until new weapons like spears, knives and other).

++ Do not know if it could be possible, but it would be interesting the possibility of burning wood buildings (I think it would be possible if there are stone constructions) using torches, petrolbombs or something.

++++ I think it should not be possible to produce industrialized weapons (like the 9 mm pistol, M4, MP5A4 and others), just found, of these only 10 or 20 percent were working perfectly, the other should be fixed on the workbench using some features. If you think about it is very unlikely someone with 5 pieces of metal be able to make a perfect 9mm pistol.

++++ More improvised weapons like the hand cannon. Some of these weapons would be possible to use common ammo like 9mm, shotgun shells and 556 Ammo, however these weapons not be as efficient as industrialized weapons found out there.

I love that they put this weapon in the game: Chu Ko Nu.

Sorry for any error in writing, my English is not very good.

that crossbow is really cool.