New ideas to improve Rust gameplay.

wsup brohs

i just wanted to share some ideas that i came up with, you guys can ofc post ideas as well

  • Different weather foggy, cloudy, rainy, thunder, snowy etc.

  • Huge caves that one can get lost in (rare drops/ores?)

  • different forests. jungle, dense forest, swamp, deserts.

  • more wildlife like elephants, tigers, (mammoths lol?)

  • vehicles but extremely hard to make (cars with 3-5 passengers)

  • have a list or something so other people can access doors/gates etc

  • night vision goggles for night usage

i will try to update it frequently as i come up with more ideas


  • improved crafting speed at workbench

  • guild/clan tabard

  • customization for your character

  • thirst meter not only food/hunger

  • using flashlight when you find it, not only useable when modded at a weapon

A map

teleport system (permission for teleportation to someone)
it would be good so friends can find other friends- this is how it would look like
/tp [username]
[username] wants to tp to you, do u accept? [/y for yes /n for no]

No. 1000 times no. This is a survival game based on realism - that would completely destroy the survival aspect of the game; not to mention it’d make raiding much more prominent, seeing as one person could find somebodies shelter and their entire group of friends could teleport to them.

Teleporting: I like the idea, but can be ONLY used after death, you can teleport to a “networked spot” IE: a established base. And only once per 24-48 hours.

Another, you should be able to have a friend’s list which allows you to see the name of people from farther away. Realistically you’d be able to recognize the face, size and build of your friends, as well as their clothes which wouldn’t be realistically identical to everyone else. Having to scream “EVERYONE JUMP” on VOIP is a pain to try and ID people.

Raiding needs to be adjusted, I don’t know how, but it needs to be fixed somehow. In real life, hearing C4 would wake you up. In this, your character stays unconscious because you aren’t able to defend yourself when not at a computer. Perhaps your players guard the base as AI? Would give the illusion it isn’t abandoned as well. (We shouldn’t be penalized for not being able to play the game 24/7)

Be able to share doors. Why the fuck not? If it’s a resource balance issue, make keys cost metal. Done and done.

I only really agree with different weather conditions, caves, and more animals.

I would like to add the idea of wild fruit (i.e cherry trees, many types of berries (including poisonous ones?)) Only expanding on what has already been added in the game.

On another note, I would love to see the ability to gather tree limbs and leaves to camouflage my buildings.

If were talking realism, if shit were to go down and everyone went into post apocalypse mode, my fucking brother would be there with me, but instead we have to “do you see the sun?” “where is it in relation to the big mountain?” when were talking to each other WITHOUT mics because were in the same room.

Perhaps if you really hated the idea that you could choose to play with your friends people in the same LAN network could spawn together, that good for proof of realism?

I get kinda pissed when people try to push realism %100, because they don’t really come up with realistic ideas, just difficult gameplay ideas. If you want it to be so real howabout you need 2 players to fuck so you can even join the game. (oh but that would be no fun for people who can’t play because people keeping getting shot during coitus.)
also that huge rock needs to kill people in one hit to the head for a more realistic aproach than the current 5-6 hits.

I get the Hardcore-ness of this game but some people want to play with their friends but its denied due to not being a realistic enough, this should be a realistic game but it should also be fun to play for players who aren’t the “ELIT3 H0M0s”

seems very realistic ideas and should add some very interesting gameplay if the caves system was randomly generated in new maps or people would rush to the rare mats

Keep playing and you will get better map awareness. this is your individual problem and should not fuck everyone elses game experience up.

how does spawning near my brother ruin other peoples experience? even when we find each other were not over powered, we can get some pistols. but then its nearly enough to survive a small raid.

For the guy above; I’m already familiar with the map and I can find my friends, but i think that if were were able to spawn together, even if only in the start of the game or on death isn’t an incredibly unrealistic idea, also if were talking realism think about how the idea of this game is that your a caveman who lives in a zombie infested world with modern buildings and enemies with assault weapons. thats another thing, they should drop the caveman schtik, you should start with clothes at least.

-thirst meter not only food/hunger

Rather than a map (which can find online anyways) I think a coordinates system would work well.

pretty obvious this is NOT the game for you then, go play minecraft ffs, you are not up for the challege and that is fine but please ffs don’t ruin the game for the rest of us because you want minecraft 2.0 that is not what this game is. im getting quiet tired of people who play and find it too hard keep trying to water it down, if there is no difficulty there is no reward.

this is a game meant to be face meltingly hard (darksouls anyone) making it easier is completely counter to what the games goal is ffs

A dog-eat-dog world is great. I love it.

A stay-awake-for-24-hours-7-days-a-week-or-die world is fucking stupid.

It’s hard to find a solution for that though, seeing as it’s a game, not real life. And most solutions would nerf the PVP.

One thing I thought of is making your character become “awakened” by C4/Pick/Etc. damaging your base, and becomes a strong AI that just patrols around it’s immediate area. By “strong” I mean, stronger than your average player. To deter raiding when people are asleep in the wee hours of the day, but still perfectly viable.

god thats fucking stupid, so if im under attack ill just log out and my uber NPC self will slay my evil atackers…

I really want them to make good guns find only and have more homemade weapons like the pipe shotgun and pistol. would be way more intense.

I want traps of some sort. And the ability to put up signs so I can talk shit to the bandits about to get fucked up by said trap.

Someone raids your base, walks into the hallway leading up to your storage room, sees a sign right by the door, goes up to it to read it. “Tell me how lead tastes,” it says, but it’s too late as they already hit the tripwire that sent three shotgun shells into their face.

Yes, that is a very good idea!

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Instead of cars? Why not rideable horses?
-Inb4 minecraft 1.6

  • guild/clan tabard

  • customization for your character


  • Different weather foggy, cloudy, rainy, thunder, snowy etc.

  • Huge caves that one can get lost in (rare drops/ores?)

  • different forests. jungle, dense forest, swamp, deserts.

  • more wildlife like elephants, tigers, (mammoths lol?)

  • have a list or something so other people can access doors/gates etc ( A key as a item would be nice. )

  • night vision goggles for night usage


  • vehicles but extremely hard to make (cars with 3-5 passengers)


  • Make the plane drop behind the first person holding a flare in his flightpath.

I 100% agree with the different weather system. Seasons would be incredible. Caves could be a good idea. Different enivornments like jungle, deserts, mountains, etc would be good too. However, having night vision goggles would be extremely unfair for new players.