new ideas ?

Hi guys !

i dunno if developpers will read ithis but id like to give them my opinion and idea, even if im french and have a sad english expression, but nevermind ^^

Opinion : i heard aabout NPC ? Nooo please dont, that will waste the game and change the environment and ambiant, because right now we are “ALONE or with HUMAN” but adding NPC make feel “alone along people” yurk thats ugly , and that look like lots of MMO … If youd like to create a environment story dont use the NPC to create it , same for market : use “automatik robot” not NPC. etc etc

So now my ideas or my “wish list for christmass”:
-MINE ! wood TRAP (predator style)
-Rocket launcher !
-digging ability ! (not as much as minecraft, but something to create just one undergrownd room, or to flatten the ground ?)
-Hidding wall (looking like grasse)

  • STONE wall !
    -binocular (ive already heard about it but YEA we neeed it !)

What’s a pnj?

Also digging won’t be added to the game.

What? IN The Fuck is PNJ?

ups PNJ is a french expression for NPC ? " not player character " isnt it?

You should just type in french.

A) it’s easier to translate and understand what you mean than try and read broken english.

B) other french speakers may actually be able to translate better.

C) it saves mix-ups like “PNJ”

Yeah They do plan on adding more npcs on top of the animals inside the game. They soon will be adding a AI helicopter that will shoot people and blow up bases, looking forward to that.

This is a english forum, I wouldn’t recommend speaking in french here.

At the very least re-write it in the french he intended to use at the bottom.
And since I don’t believe there IS a french facepunch, this is the best place non-english speakers really have.

i will try harder to speak well english :wink: and put my idea in a compilation

RPGs ? No thanks

Say that again when vehicles come out and start rolling people over non-stop.

Digging will not be implemented in-game. Hidden walls will not be implemented either seeing how that if you try to go through one, how will you know you’re not having a glitch? The other ideas aren’t bad though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he meant camouflaged walls, not invisible ones.
Such that you can put them around your base, and from a distance, it might look like part of the landscape.

A nice idea, but… not something I can see being implemented in any way.

that was exactly my idea yes. but why can’t it be implanted?

Like to have the possibility to put doors on doorway, that would be fun to put camouflage on wall like an additionnal stuff ?
and an other idea about camouflage, is to plant grass fern or bush ? with seed that could be found in chicken’stomac for exemple ? those plant should be tempory cause they are not part of the base map … ?

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this idea to plant camouflage lead my mind to … AGRICULTURE ! what do yu think 'bout it ? is it wrong to eat some fruit when you are in a survival, or only protein are alowed ^^ ?

No fucking rocket launcher, the game would be so fucking bad…