New Intro Screen?

When I started up the game (I have no addons, etc. installed), the intro screen was different. It was one of the Citizen NPCs holding a Physgun and the Toolgun with crows flying around in the sky. Is this a new intro screen, or is my game glitched?

it’s new.

It came with the latest update.

I miss the old one ;_;

All the lost memories.

Makes me wanna :emo:

go to and download the old one…

I like the new its dramatic and the old is funny but gets boring . ps cheek out my thread called what was your first fort like kthxbye

It is a rather cool screen shot. I prefer it to the other one simply because of the atmosphere it is trying to create. I believe it pulls it off well.

weird? i have the one with citizen holding a cone on a gman? weird…

Yeah. I’m updated but I still have the old cone-head G-Man background :buddy:

I think the new one is better than the old one, I thought the cone one was at bit boring