New item: Fire arrows

I just had an simple idea off adding fire arrows to the game. Than it could be possible to light up an area at an distance during the night. And i got a feeling there are more good or bad reasons to add this to the game. Give me your idea’s and opinion on this one please.

I would like to fire up some wood houses with this. But it could be a good dot(dmg over time?) weapon as well. Poison would be niubi.

This is a great idea. arrows + whool + low grade fuel = fire arrows

And. If there was nightvision in the game - you could fire them into the darkness to blind all the l33t nightvision stalkers following you home.

Please use the forum search function. This has been suggested like a million times.

It really must grind your gears to see a the same post over and over again. Especially since you most likely always click on it to tell them to “please use the search function”. You must be up to your neck in paperwork like that, right?! Who cares. I haven’t seen this thread before, and I personally liked it. For new comers to the forum, one cannot search for a thread that they don’t know existed, right? Deal with it and move the fuck on.

It seems he has made it his mission to be the Rust forums top jerk. Ignore him.

sorry to say but that would not blind the nigtvision, they can adapt to light unless it is too much light.

ianwrecked +10 LOL … I agree with u… Does not matter that it was post about it. And he is 100% right. Its Forum… Its not a document to be signed by president and stuff… Just deal with it.

And about fire arrows… Really good idea. Love it.

Rudimentary, scratchbuilt gen1 light intensifiers will have serious bleed-in. A naked flame is a source of infrared as well as visible spectrum light. It plays havok with older NV. Unless we got brand-new Gen3 tubes in Rust, flaming arrows could be an effective countermeasure.