New Item Idea; Large Furnace.

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t an option to break down items into mats. Instead of just right clicking the item and hitting “deconstruct”, why not add a higher powered furnace with the ability to also smelt items?

For example, you put a Metal Foundation (8 Low Quality Metal) into it. A few minutes later, you get about half the amount of metal back (amount doesn’t matter). This would also work with weapons.

I’d suggest this furnace only be able to burn with Low Grade Fuel and Wood together (maybe add a High Grade Fuel that is needed for it?). This would make some items of a little more value than they are. My group and I have a full large box of p250’s that we don’t even use, and have no need for. I imagine you could also put other items in that normally can’t be cooked, like wood base parts. Instead of getting wood back, which wouldn’t make sense, you could just get a hunk of charcoal. If there ever were an addition of glass into the game (I hope), a stronger furnace would seem logical. Otherwise, the furnace would do the same as a regular furnace and cook ore, except burn faster. Also, with the addition of more makeshift/junk weapons, maybe the whole metal thing can be reworked and the military grade weapons would use Low Quality Metal, or a new added High Quality Metal that can only be made in the stronger furnace, and remove it from the crafting tab.

On a quick side note - the option to use attachments without them being attached would be cool. Like just the flashlight alone, and maybe add a bayonet that can be used as a melee weapon on the gun or in hand.

I know FP isn’t quite on the content phase yet, but it’d be pretty cool if they could keep something like this in mind.

Not a bad idea, I would support it. Whatever you are melting down should be broken down into its constituent parts. For example, if what you are melting down has 10 metal and 10 wood, you would get back five metal and 15 or so charcoal.