New Item : Safe

Hey guys, after reading this thread , especially point 9, I thought about a new item.

How about you could craft a safe. For those who played DayZ Epoch mod, you know what I mean in particular. For the others, here my thoughts:

The safe could be crafted from alot of Low Quality metal and maybe some new items, making it really expensive so you can’t afford many of them.

The safe should use the new lock system the doors have now to share the loot inside with friends and it should be only placed in houses with a roof ( like the new bed, to prevent safes hidden in mountains). The safe should be destroyable by C4, but because of the massive amount of low quality metal, it should take alot of C4, so there is the chance of it beeing untouched by raiders who don’t have that many C4.

In that case, it can save some of your loot( It should not hold that many items, because in Rust there should be nothing like a 100% protection of your gear and this is good) or it will be destroyed and you lose everything like you do right now.

So this is just my thought on improving the game, as I said, i don’t want to have a 100% gear protection, but this could be an encouragment to spend metal fragments for something else than kevlar and weapons or C4.

Mr. Quacka

Your safe is your house. If you play your cards right and build a complicated house, then it would serve the same purpose of the “safe” you explained.

But it’s not a realistic use of the tools we have. Garry and them didn’t envision giant megaliths with mazes of doors, but that’s what the players came up with to protect their stuff. By making that ‘unraidable’ base it loses sight of the true nature of the game. Is that something you would really see in a realistic survival setting?

Adding something like a safe is a great idea. It would help to get rid of some of these laggy structures because loot can be better protected. Also, I think it should take a good amount of C4 to crack open the safe but I think there should also be a chance that you destroy it completely.

I dont see what the point of a safe would be. They would still build the maze structures to protect it, and even if they did get to the safe, and they blew it up and the chance of it being destroyed was true, yeah the raider doesn’t get any loot, but you lost all your shit either way. As a raider, I just raid to make sure your stuff is gone. I’d accomplish it either way.