New JailBreak gamemode

I am going to make a new gamemode based on GJail it will be like the jailbreak on cs:s, but I am going to add features to it to make it a more playable gamemode.

I got this idea from a post on garry’s blog (posted 1 year ago) where he said that he was playing servers and joined a GJail only to be yelled at by little kids about killing them. Then I was like “hm, I could remake this gamemode and fix or attempt to fix these problems.” So here I am now, and I am fixed on the idea of remaking this gamemode.

I usually keep these things to myself, but I’m going to ask you guys if you have any ideas of what to put in here and to run my ideas through you guys to see if you think they will be good for the gamemode.

Invite Ph0ne as a beta tester.
Just send him a PM, his facepunch name is “ph0nee”.

Anyways, good luck.

ok, thanks.


You want to fix little kids yelling for being killed? Good luck, may want to disable microphones and chat access for that.

any update on this?

I started making a new jailbreak gamemode a while ago, from scratch. It was called GEscape.
It’s not done yet, but eh, I think I’ll cancel it.

go on you tube and invite STGGGS to beta test it too.

I am bussy to re-develop Gjail 2. Now i adding a !lr command and i countdown timer.


You should use the fretta base for a gamemode like this. :smile:

For gjail 1.3 what should u put the gamemode command line to?