New Jenga Survival Map - Feedback Please!

I made a neat little map, it serves for great fun with friends!

This is a neat little game to play with your friends. One person is the demolition guy, the rest are on the Jenga tower. The demolition guy will place props on the little ramps with arrows, which get catapulted into the tower. The others try to survive his onslaught.

This map is complete with props that respawn after a certain ammount of time, a clear spectate box for players who are killed, and a starting room.

Download Page:

It’s like the old Jenga map from Halo 3

yup, that’s what it is based on :smiley:

Does it really have to look so bare?

A 3D skybox would make it look a lot better imo

people need to get out of the habit of making these types of “fun” maps look empty. a silly gamemode doesn’t mean you have to neglect any and all detailing of your map.

A map like this makes me want to gun up source sdk and make something similar but with more detail.

But that would involve redownloading everything, so meh.

But it needs more detail. It looks ugly as hell atm, i could see it maybe in a canal section or industrial area. Add some warehouses around the playable area, neaten up the water bit behind, add fences and detail up the launch ramps (maybe some metal framework…something that looks nicer than the current setup).

I was expecting a huge tower, with blocks moving and disappearing. But I suppose is a nice start.

Oh, I’m planning on making V2, don’t worry!

Don’t make a v2, improve the v1.

-_- That’s what I meant. I classify updates with V1, V2, etc.

I came in here expecting something brilliant, thoroughly disappointed.

Seems like you need to grasp the basics of detail before you delve into another version of this map, for example you have textured the sides of the platform with the a floor texture, you have copied the same prop around the whole platform and it just looks awful, look into your lighting technique a lot more as well. Some YouTube channels with the some helpful tutorials include mine, Firegod’s and Ironphoenix’s all found below our user posts.



whew… Bottom line, I didn’t make this to please you, I didn’t make it to get praise, or to impress some random people whom I don’t know, I made it to have FUN, which is the reason video games exist.

I posted this to the forums in case any other people who just wanted to have fun were interested, or remember the old Halo 3 map.

I don’t wanna come off as an asshole or anything, but really, if I you want to give suggestions and criticize my work, I’m all for that, it can be helpful, but please do it on the maps that I spend time on, and try to make look good.

No hard feelings.

Oh…you are going to pull the day card…heh heh…

*goes on an image hunt…

Made in 7 hours. It’s not my best work, i thought the 2 day map came out better. Time is no excuse for not adding detail, and “fun” maps don’t have to look bare or dull. You could have quite easily made it look nicer in that single day you keep moaning about.

So…i haven’t used in about a year, and still i managed to make this:

Look familiar? The proportions are off, but it took me a little over 15 mins to make, and i’m sure more detail could be added. So the question remains…what did you spend the other 7 hours and 45 mins doing?

It’s weird, I thought you asked for feedback, no?

On that first image, again, I didn’t make this map to please you, I don’t make maps to stroke my ego and show off what I can do in Hammer.

I just wanted to have fun, and I did, everyone who joined loved it.

And the remake of the map you did in 15 mins, looks good, BUT, did you make the props respawn automatically? Did you make a team selection system? Did you make a spectate box that players are sent to after they die? I bet not.

I like to focus on making the map actually work, fine-tuning the entities, because you can dress it up all you want, if there are problems, it might as well be broken.

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There is a difference between feedback, and bitching when things aren’t exactly like you want them.
My map, didn’t make it for you.

all I asked is what people think of it when they played it with friends.

What do you mean by team selection system. There is probably an lua thing for that. Point template handles the respawning, and i assume you used lua for the spectation too. Even so…you said you want feedback. I assume what you meant was that you want pointless praise for an extremely undetailed map.

You… You don’t read, do you?

Here: I’ll show you what I said previously:

And, no I didn’t use lua for anything in the map, I did it all with entities. What I mean by team selection is a room that you start to choose who launches props and who tries to survive on the tower.

Then surely you should be taking criticism on board. You asked for it after all. If you didn’t want feedback, why ask for it?
So, simple i/o work. What did you do for that 7 hours and 15 mins then?

figured out what the best way to do it, through trial and error.

I’m working on several additions, including housing for the launcher, and buttons to change the angle of the ramp. And an overtime feature that spawns a bridge and guns, so if it takes too long for someone to destroy the tower, it can be settled with a good old fashioned shoot-out.

Also, a wall in order to prevent people from just physgunning the tower, wasn’t a problem when playing, but it was pointed out that it would be easy for people to be mingebags, so I’m fixing it.

After that, I’ll probably add some more creative death pit, maybe add water, or spikes. Or water with spikes.

Oh, and I’m working on an easy-access reset-button. Anyone know the console command for the Admin CleanUpEverything?

And yes, I’m open to criticism, but I just wasn’t fond of when people acted like I was trying to make this some great, epic, beautiful map, and told me it looks bad, which as of now it’s not supposed to look good. But anyway, can we please put that behind us?