New Job

I’ve had this idea for a while, finally got around to doing it.
Props to Ben Wolfe for the title.

:lol: at the ending

What a crappy title. :v:

That was unexpected.

And now his boss could be Spy. Of the opposite team, of course.

What a twist.

i dont get it

haha, maybe this makes references to paranoid Engineers who are always aware of spies and simply yell SPY! like damn crazy?

Nice comic by the way, the ending was unexpected.

I knew it that It’s engi. I lol’d.


Pretty much. I was thinking more like he knew there was a spy from experience, but I guess it’s up to the viewer to decide.

I lol’d at the ending. I saw it coming but I still lol’d.

Thanks babe.

That was funny. Nice comic

good job

I don’t get it.

Engineer caught Barney being a spy.

Everybody else seemed to get it.

Barney sappin ma beer


Congratulations, remarkable idea

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oh god the ending

also lol at the above post