New jobs for DarkRP

Requires some things but eh it’s worth it.


I like it.

Well of course.

You contributed to it in three cases.

Who the fuck can’t make a ton of shitty DarkRP jobs themselves? Seriously, what kind of a idiot would upload this…

i lol’d

Not to bash creativity here, but WE DON’T NEED MORE JOBS. There should only be either A. Government affiliated jobs (i.e. cop, medic, mayor, congressman) or B. Citizen.

such a small selection of jobs gets boring.

You don’t need “jobs” to roleplay.

Thank you… Just… THANK YOU!

You can roleplay without custom jobs. I used to do it all the time back in Light Roleplay. I played it all the time but you wont find anymore servers like this.

Because LightRP isn’t used any more. What a shame.


And another moron who tries to make GMod into MW2 + L4D + Hitman.


At least their is at least a few sane people here that understand you don’t need shitty jobs to roleplay.

I think there should only be Government Workers, Merchants, Civilians or hired arms for jobs.


Give me 2 hours, some models, and some shitty ass job names. I could do this.

I don’t even think you would need 2 hours. Heh.

Are you shitting me? This relies on a testament of third party content! The amount effort used to make this is near zero.

…You’re right. I am sorry for my stupidity.

Or, 15 minutes with this.

Wait, just Merchants and Civilians. Make factions start themselves.