NEW!! Join us on [US] Darkness Falls! Very active admins, PVP, sleepers high end server!

Join Darkness Falls BRAND NEW Server as of 1/4 @ 11pm EST. NOOB FRIENDLY!


  • Airdrops at 20 players
  • PVP
  • Sleepers
  • 24 hour admins
  • Absolutely no admin abuse


Just joined the server, lets get this party started!


Been playing since this morning. Rock N roll! :slight_smile:

Back up woot!

Server is also 1/2 crafting speed.

This server is awesome! Such players. So community. Much fun. Wow.

bump, up to 25 regulars. We have 4 groups of active players so far.

Yeah Buddy love a fresh start!

I guess this is good… more people let’s go!!!

This is my new favorite server

new here… thanks!

Ban this troll please, ask about him to anyone in the server. “5th grade dare”

Well I am not sure what you call noob friendly - Noob friendly means killing noobs while gathering rock by two people with m4’s noob friendly then i don’t think your server is very noob friendly. I couldn’t get the names because you don’t have history. At any rate you won’t keep people if they keep killing new people.