New "Karate" Animations for Sniper(QC Help)

I’m sure at least a few of you have heard of the “Karate” sniper mod(THis has recieved a 2013 rework), using your arms as a melee and your foot for the Crit, I loved the concept but wasn’t too fond of the animations. I’ve already dabbled with Blender and Maya with little to no success. I have heard that the SFM can export animations, (.dmx) but I have also heard that with a proper .QC these individual .dmxs can be compiled into a new set of animations. I already made a few changes to melee idle (m_idle) and exported the proper frames as a .dmx, the only issue is a proper qc as far as I can tell, I’ve never compiled a set of animations for a viewmodel, only a few taunt replacements, does anyone have a basic .qc containing the basics of compiling a viewmodel animation setlist?

This could lead to a much better way of implementing viewmodel fixes, retouching them in the SFM, and exporting and recompiling as a new set. Just want to hear everyones opinion and looking for some aid as well

Older Karate Mod '09

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Success!, imported the animation but with a few flaws, one I can fix(The SFM project I worked in was 24FPS rather than 60, Gotta rectify that, or change it in the QC.

Here’s a pic of the edited Animation, it is possible to port SFM-Created animations into the main-game, that much I know, I’ll be posting the QC I know there’s a ton of errors, any help would be appreciated

$modelname “weapons/c_models/c_snipah_animations.mdl”

$include “sniper_definebones.qci”
$include “idle.qci”
$poseparameter body_pitch -45.00 90.00 360.00
$poseparameter body_yaw -45.00 45.00 360.00
$poseparameter move_y -1.00 1.00
$poseparameter move_x -1.00 1.00

$cdmaterials “models\weapons\c_models/”

$includemodel “weapons/c_models/c_sniper_animations.mdl”

(And the idle.qci referenced above)
$sequence layer_m_idle “m_idle.dmx” fps 60.000000 hidden
$sequence m_idle “m_idle.dmx” fps 60.000000 noanimation {
numframes 61
blendlayer layer_m_idle 0 4 56 60
event AE_WPN_HIDE 0
event AE_WPN_UNHIDE 60
EDIT: (Idle.qci as referenced earlier)
$sequence layer_m_idle “m_idle.dmx” fps 60.000000 hidden
$sequence m_idle “m_idle.dmx” fps 60.000000 noanimation {
numframes 61
blendlayer layer_m_idle 0 4 56 60
event AE_WPN_HIDE 0
event AE_WPN_UNHIDE 60

No responses?

Just ask the remaker for his QC. Don’t worry, I know the guy, I’m sure he’ll be nice about it. Hey, it’s not like you’re asking Max for it.

Did so, Fixed it, the only issue is the Arms being turned what looks like 90 degrees upwards, I’ve played around with a ton of .qc commands with no success, here is what I got regarding rotation
$sequence m_idle m_idle.dmx loop snap rotate 90 fps 60.000000 ACT_MELEE_VM_IDLE 1
with one number “90” in there the arms turn on an X axis, if I add any more ex. “0 90 0” for x y z respectively it doesn’t get read properly, almost perfected this animation method, just a bit more

Another issue is the timing of animation but that can be fixed in the .QC as well as what I do in the SFM

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The view seen on the top is viewmodel mode, the positioning is 100% correct for the top set of arms, the bottom however, is the same camera orientation but the arms are rotated upwards, I refer to my earlier post regarding $origin and how to possibly address the issue

Huh. I never realized someone made a mod that let you play as Tig3r42’s Karate Sniper. Thanks for informing me of this phenomenon. And Crazyhalo, keep making awesome vids, you magnificent bastard.

… No, this mod predates that ridiculous video by 2 years.

Oh. okay. Still awesome though. And I like ridiculous videos like that.

The rotation is fixed, but the “root” bone is off the regular origin compared to the other animations any fixes?(generally on how to find the proper origin coordinates of the other animations

Not view whoring, because this very clearly explains the problem

Slight mistake I made in the video, the animation with the slightly raised root bone should be bought down in line with the others, I explained it incorrectly in this video

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For comparison in a still image, I have the “root” highlighted in each image

The camera is in the exact position for each shot, but you can see the root in the top shot is in its correct location, where as the bottom shot shows it forward and slightly upward Any ideas?