New keyvalues for GMod 11 to LIMIT PHYSGUN?

Well i made some great maps with GMod 10, and by far the best thing i had in common with these was their ‘indestructibility’, meaning no physgun could rip up the doors.
What i did was this: while mapping, open the properties of a selected entity, say a func_door.
Turn off ‘smart edit’, and add a new keyvalue.
The keyvalue called ‘gmod_allowphysgun’ and the value being ‘0’.

Once i run the map in GMod, there was no way to ‘rip up’ a door, or screw up part of the map with the physgun.

But recently with GMod 11 this sleek keyvalue trick doesn’t work, which is really pissant.
Point of thread: does anyone know the new keyvalue? Or what to do that would offer equivalent physgun-protection?

gmod_allowphysgun is still the same value.

Before we get anything done here if anyone complains about the 11 in the title you can fuck right off.

This. Everyone knows what he means, but they have a need to correct people who do this, I have no clue why.

gmod_allowtools is now somewhat broken. only a value of “none” works meaning you can either have all tools affect the entity or none.

Hmm…Gmod_AllowPhysgun.Check it.

Its in the wiki.

Also, learn to use the spacebar.