New Killing Floor Postmortem Thread

im makin a new thread since the other dudes banned.

so i want the characters from the new DLC

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OMG the skinhead looks like he is in a pajama LOL

You don’t need to make another thread just because the other guy’s banned. People will still see that thread, other people can still post in it, and it can still be done with that thread.

oh sorry im new here


What the below guy said.

The other guy, oh you mean that guy who requested the exact same you did and who had almost the exact same nick.

Yeah, more like new to internet forum systems as a whole.

**Edit: Well, since I read a bit of your other replies mainly in the screenshot section, I’m sure everyone are more than happy to give you all the models you want. **
(You don’t even need to thank anyone or appreciate their help in anyway, you can just use insults instead.)

i know him. he gave me this account because he never got the email so he got banned and gave me this account

He gave you the account then did not get the email then gave you the account?


I’m more confused with the “he never got the email so he got banned” part.

ok first he made this account.
but he wasnt getting the email.
so he made a new one.
got the email.
then activated it.
got banned.
he said the site was dumb and he’s going to a new forum.
he checked his email and got the confirmation.
he gave me the account since im too lazy to make my own.
The End

Um. Weren’t you the one that started a lot of shit on screenshot? doesn’t seem like you are “new” at it when you knew who frost was and wanted to provoke him as expected.

that was after this

No, you’re the same person.
The whole “Umm… Yeah… Errr… Well my friend actually created two accounts and gave me the other. You know, because registering accounts in internet is so darn hard!” doesn’t really make much sense.

Even if you were a completely different person your account is still a dual account.

whatever man. your just gonna keep arguing about it. if you dont believe me, fine. see if i care.

Yeah, apparently you don’t care about your identity as much as you care about criticism towards your poses.


Hmm maybe I ask is this from a mod? Or are they new characters? If new then I’d love to see these on Gmod. I support

not a mod. new killing floor models