New Kingdom Hearts WIP thread

my last thread was finally closed down. it was too big…

anyways, you can continue your guys’ conversation here

and for those of you who are new, here is a link to the old thread where all the links to my downloads are (on the first post).

i havent stopped for good, just stopped for now cuz summer is still on and i dont wanna waist any time

you guys understand right?

also, if someone has a kh1 model, i will rig it. just dont expect it right away cuz i dont really log on very often.

god to se you medrop


i im sy for i can not help you i hav to gat a ny pc . im on my ps3

Medrop, no worries. Summer’s only another what, month? By all means, do what you gotta do while you have the time :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing this project continue, ol chap!

Oh good medrop,I hope to see you here with more frecuence.

good to see your back and still stayin strong my dude.

how to delete a thread???

my presence around here seems to be fading away, but i am still not dead yet. i am thinking of doing some halo models next. i know master chief has been done but i wanted to port my own. and this one will be different. ive seen people requesting a recon armor version or eva or eod (i forget which). i have a recon version ready for rigging. im not sure when ill start rigging it but ill do it soon since i have the time again.

speaking of halo stuff, i also came in possession of a hornet vehicle. however, it had no textures. luckily, i did find some textures mapped out already but they are different because someone else made a different model and got textures from screenshots. so i am going to redo the uv maps (i think thats what they are called) so it would look how it should. at the moment, im not sure wether or not i should do recon armor first or do the hornet. both seem interesting to do.

and on a different note… how has everyone been? i still care <3 :slight_smile:

your presence isnt fading away.

I’m fine just havent posted here really been playing halo 3 on xbox live.

Eh…I’m okay. Just sitting on my lazy ass and being bored.
Your presence in not fading. :wink:

Sick here, Medrop. And i don’t think you’re fading away either :slight_smile:

how is my post dumb medrop ask how was everyone else doing you know what keep them the ratings coming i don’t care about them.

must be because you play halo… lol.

which is fine because im a halo fan myself. im pretty good and i love killing me some nubs.

anyways, i just finished rigging my spartan, all i need to do is add some finger bones and resize him. then ill do the phymodel and then he will be ready for testing. not sure when ill finish because im busy on weekdays but ill see what i can do.

wow, what so bad about halo.

your going to be busy on weekdays okay well can’t wait for a release soon.

Yeah, seriously, I play Halo. lol
Yey more models! Can’t wait for the release!

As a big fan of kingdom hearts, I’m looking forward to seeing some more models.

Although, on the other threads, what do I download? I see a bunch of links, do I just download them all and install them?

not sure what your askin


i cant pose for $#!7. its been awhile… zombie walkin lol

as you can see, i am having trouble with the dam bump (or normal) maps. i have them and i put the lines in the vmt files but they just dont show up. im not sure if its the code or how i did the materials. its annoying because it works on 3ds max. the visor is all bump maps and as soon as i can figure it out, you will be able to see the lines on the visor.

holy crap the recon armor.


Welcome back,Medrop :slight_smile:

more amor

cqb,recon,eva (from left to right)

same body but different armor permutations… of course. that way they are all the same size.

i love the eva helmet the most out of all the helmets. then its mark V then its any other one.

these look better in the model viewer but in the game it wont show the reflections and stuff.