New Kino

You may remember the first kino I “made” that was posted here sometime last year. The one that was a failed tutorial rip? Well, after months of trial and error, research, and failures, I figured out how to make it better.

@name Kino
@inputs Kino:entity Mode For Back Left Right Up Down Stop
@persist V:vector A:angle Vec2:vector Active
@persist VecF:vector VecB:vector VecL:vector VecR:vector VecU:vector VecD:vector

V = Kino:toLocal(rotationVector(Q)+Kino:pos())

Kino:applyTorque((150*V - 12*Kino:angVelVector())*Kino:inertia())  


Thanks to Mitsuma for the video.

This is a second attempt to replicate the kino from SGU. It will no longer mess up in vehicles, looking at it, or with a barrier in between the player and the kino. It also does not require any console commands, unlike the last one.

To use

  1. Make a new e2, copy and paste the code above into it.
  2. Spawn a prop. Preferably this one, but any small sphere (Set to weight 100) will work.
  3. Wire the Kino input of the e2 to the prop.
  4. Controls are:
    Guess what they do.

Edit 1
Remote control mode added. To use:

  1. You did all that above “To use” steps, right?
  2. Wire “Mode” to a toggle input. If the toggle input is on that means that the kino will be remote controlled.
  3. Wire For to the output you want to make it go forward, Back for backward, and so forth(EX: For - W, Back - S, Down - Shift, Up - Space, A - Left, and D - Right)
  4. You should probably increase or decrease the weight of the kino(increase for moving way too fast, decrease for too slow) until you get what you want.
  5. I would try nocolliding and welding a camera inside the kino, so it’s easier to control.

Edit 2
Works well with the Kino model made by Seker-Ra. Also added Stop.

Now type any other sentence than !on or !off and watch it fall down.

Oh…extreme failure. Hold on…

a wall of text and a code… not interested :v:

and kino means cinema in norwegian

Look kude, this isn’t a contraption. I almost facepalm’d when I read the title.

Well done for figuring it out but this code is basic at best and is pretty much average or below for e2’s

Take it to wiremod forums, they might like it there, but certainly not here.

Edit: plus it has bad formatting and doesn’t have coding errors as such but you’ve written a few things in a foolish manner

and German :v:

It is a device that I built. Therefore, it is a contraption. I just built it with words and numbers instead of props and constraints.
As for the other stuff, yes, I am a bit of an e2 noob. I might be better than some people but nowhere near as good as many people are.

its coding, not a contraption

and Polish :v:

And Islamic :v:

And…And…Uhhhh… :v:

And Japanese :v:

And Maori

It really depends on your definition of contraption.

And Russian :v:
**[Edit]**Yes, actually Russian.

A contraption is something you’ve built… not something you’ve written

And Chinese

And Kenyan :v:

If you want to consider it a contraption, at least post pictures, or a video or something. Cuz as far as I can tell, all you did was put an e2 together.

And English :v:

Pictures of what it can do instead of just text? That’d be good.

Pictures wouldn’t really work, you would need a video. And I have tried to make a video, I don’t know what happened when it absolutely failed and lost half the clip’s audio. Sorry, I’ll try again.