New L4D Campaign DLC: Lost Hope


Generic name? Why yes, that is an Aliens joke. The colony on the grimdark planetoid LV426 that got buttfucked by the xenomorphs was named Hadley’s Hope. Hell you can’t say No Mercy, Dead Center or Crash Course are any better names considering the themes and settings of the campaigns :v:

Original here:

The posing looks a tad weird, unnatural even, but I don’t really give a fuck anymore. Oh and excuse my fetish for overdone sharpening.

Couldn’t use fog on that map so I had to edit that bitch. FFFFFF

I want this irl.

They’re coming outta the damn walls man

Game over man, game over

I’ve been playing L4D2 with Xenomorph common infected and homemade green blood effects :v:

Let’s hope Colonial Marines won’t suck.

(it will)

I read this as Lost Dope…

Sucks that Zoey’ll have the life expectancy of Vasquez.

Oh god yes. Jo, send me the blood and xenomorphs, please. :v:

You can find the Xenos on, I’ll PM the particle effects.

Cheers bro.

The survivors are too sharp to match the l4d posters, it looks geat though.

Yes, I was first going to make it look like the official posters, but then realized how much work that would actually require and decided to screw it and do it my way.

Just e-mailed this to Gabe.

This would be awesome.

Anyways, you did an outstanding job.

Nice! First update to have new weapons. And a flamethrower at that!

The Sacrifice added the M60 though.

Looks really nice, but you didn’t fix the rimlighting.

She’s a feminine yet strong female. Hence her life expectancy will of that of Ripley. She’s not mannish and hard core enough to be a Vasquez :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame the isolation is so wonky.

Yep, pulled the Lazy card again and chose to use greenscreenings.

Ahh shit, you’re right.

At least feather the edges a tiny bit. 0.2 usually suffices.

what’s with all the semi-transparent grey lines?

A failed attempt at painting scratches on the ‘poster’.