New lamp STool

Hey, anyone know how the Camera tool spawns a camera at your exact view angles? Would anyone be able to make a Lamp tool that does the same? I think it’d be very useful for Garry’smod machinimas and whatnot, I always have trouble positioning a lamp perfectly for a shot. I coded it pretty quickly but it works. It has an odd bug that I can’t really pinpoint the cause of where it turns black and doesn’t actually project the light, but if you make one then undo it a few times it’ll fix it, after that it’ll work fine.

Thanks, works great. I haven’t actually run across any bugs, fresh install of Garry’smod.

Ah, alrighty. No problem.

Actually, there are a few bugs, I forgot to change the menu variables so it still sets the original lamp’s variables :stuck_out_tongue: Oops. Oh well, you can use concommands.

Good job, works great!