New legacy map not really legacy

I was super excited about the legacy map coming to the new rust but after seeing it and all the new changes it doesn’t have the look or feel I was hoping that
would be duplicated from the old version. to many changes made almost the same feeling as if a earthquake, glaciers somehow carved away the original landscape that
was a familiar home and now feels like a different place…
not really happy with all the changes. like the lake, landing strip etc.
you should have kept the playing area the same and the distant north and east parts you could have improved…
disappointed and not really worth changing from some of the new maps being they have the same unfamiliar feel…
for a player coming from lots of time in legacy. its not a feel of the same home with improved graphics…

Well i did warn people a long time ago when this issue popped up, you’ll never get the exact same map, it’s probably impossible, and besides its a WIP its not done yet, it needs more trees, rocks etc give it time.

It was never going to be the legacy map - from very early on it was clearly named as a “legacy-inspired map”. The map does have some resemblances to the legacy map - for example, a central mountain range, a ring-road system, flat planes, so on. There are clear things missing which I was hoping to see - like radiation towns/areas, big rock clusters and more vegetation - but given this is the first iteration of the map, I’m sure it’ll evolve just as the procedural maps have.

A couple of first-looks for those who haven’t properly seen it yet:

Also, it was renamed to ‘HapisIsland’ just a few hours ago to stop any confusion.

well they did tell us it would take a few months to duplicate it, and this does not look like 3 months in the making.
some of the seeds could be used and then throw a circular road around it and a few radtowns and it would look closer to legacy then this one.
not impressed with it at all…

No-one has ever said they were duplicating anything though - this is a legacy-inspired map - not the legacy map. If you trawl through the devblogs back to January time, you’ll see that Garry clearly stated it was not going to be a duplicate.

Furthermore, it’s easy to say that something “isn’t 3 months in the making”. Do you know how much work went into making a custom map? This isn’t just a case of loading up a map editor and splodging down a few assets. The map used some current assets as a base and they were greatly improved. Many of the current procedural assets are only in there because they were map for this new map. New shaders and coding to support static maps was added - baring in mind that before this, maps were generated using magic numbers.

The only thing that this all means is that we can now have static maps which won’t take 3 months to make - because we spent 3 months adding everything that was needed to support them in the first place.

This seems to be very much a case of you misunderstanding what was actually being made therefore your expectations were very high.

Let’s see you do something better then. :rolleyes:

I don’t understand why people loved the legacy map so much in the first place. 70% of the map wasn’t even traversed by players.

watching Phaedo’s vid of the map, i really like it.

it feels (to me) like legacy did. i think part of that is the roads. the current paths we have are really thin, where the main road in rust was wide enough for a truck to drive down it. made the area feel settled, even if it also felt abandoned/destroyed. people had been there. the proc gen maps tend to feel like no-one has been there before, even though there are monuments all over the place and paths with telephone/electric poles.

i think it’s also the mountainscapes. they are huge, unyeilding. the mountains in new rust tend to be cliff faces, not mountains if you know what i mean:)

Devblog 37
Posted on December 5, 2014 by Garry Newman
Legacy Map
This isn’t done yet – but we are working on porting the old legacy map. Andre is working through the procedural stuff making sure a bunch of stuff works on hand-made maps too, and then there’s a bunch of art stuff. So it’s going to be a while… I just wanted you guys to know that it’s happening – because I don’t think we’ve confirmed it anywhere yet.

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Porting of video games
Arcade perfect video games are those that have been ported from an arcade version to another platform, such as a console or computer, without any alterations to the game’s workings. This means that graphics, sound and gameplay, along with the game’s other characteristics (including bugs), are identical to the arcade version.

Devblog 56
Posted on March 26, 2015 by Craig Pearson
Petur August
We are in the final stages of getting the legacy-inspired map into its minimum playable state. A few facts about it:

It’s 4k in size.
It has brand new everything: new trees, new lighting and fog, new rocks, new ground textures and shading, new bushes, new flowers, mushrooms, you name it. (All this will also eventually be ported into the procedural maps.)
Its a twin biome. A snowed up, elevated centre, surrounded by temperate forests and plains.
If it works out well, we may possibly add a second adjacent island, with a more arid climate. Think boats and/or bridges.
It is not a port of the old legacy map. The layout is merely inspired by it.
We’ve decided to release it as quickly as possible, which means it will have plenty of rough spots. But that also means you’ll get to see it evolve.
Expect to see it next month.

Anyway I was excited for 3 months till it evolved from a port to a legacy inspired map via “gary changed the map name from legacy”:stuck_out_tongue: maybe once the map editor is released we can see a truer duplicate from users…
I love making maps "started in quake in the 90s on my servers…
thanks for the troll and intelligent replies. just my 2 cents…

Weird I had no idea that Rust was an arcade game.

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Solid cherry picking :wink:

read more about the simple example instead of surface trolling.

I’m not trolling, I’m legitimately challenging your arguments. Your, “simple example,” references a completely different kind of game than what Rust is. Rust is not an arcade game. Your example references games like Pac-Man, old retro **arcade **games that are ported with the intent of preserving its original attributes, but Rust isn’t an arcade game so this doesn’t apply here. I shouldn’t have to break down that porting is a very broad term, even within the gaming industry, it’s pretty common knowledge. I understand that you wanted an exact replica, but it wasn’t ever indicated that this would be.

Maybe you should try and understand what I’m trying to say instead of just accusing me of trolling.

would it be better to explain what port means to you instead?
it is one of many ways to use as a example of what it means to port.
go play rust…

:rolleyes: words often have multiple meanings, you can’t apply the arcade specific definition of porting to any game porting the same way you can’t apply the definition of acknowledgement specific to law to any acknowledgement specific to all interactions outside of a courtroom.

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It’s apples and oranges, man.

I made my point IDC if you don’t understand my port example or not…
when I have access to the map editor I will make a Identical Legacy map and It will not take me 3 months…
I did port the quake 2fort map to UT and TF and became very popular for years even to this day :PPP

I look forward to seeing it.

Is this a Toxx? Are you confirming you will have a Rust_Island_2013 clone map playable within 3 months of the map editor being made available to the public? Because it sure sounds like it.