New Level Design Plugin : CorVex

I’ve released a new level design plugin for 3ds Max called CorVex. It can help quicken your level layout process.

Here is the first video introducing the tool. More videos will soon follow.

The latest Wall Worm VMF Exporter has native support for exporting CorVex objects as world geometry.

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And Video 2 is now online:

Video 3:

Do you think youl ever add the functionality to texture objects in 3dsmax like you can in hammer?

There is already one material drop function in WW called Worm Face. I haven’t yet added the same functionality in terms of transferring the UVs though. I may in the future. However, an upcoming video will demonstrate some handy UVW techniques as well as demonstrate one of my favorite UVW tools called PolygonMap.

Also, I meant to add that I added independent controls for the top/bottom UVs (so they can be controlled with different rules than sides) as well as some other UV parameters.

Now CorVex has a Wall Mode, enhanced UV controls and some other productivity features. Here’s a video of the Wall Mode in action.

Get CorVex here.

Another update today (version 1.35) adds Open Wall End Angle controls and various new UV controls.

New Video discussing parametric level design. The video is mainly a discussion on what and why with a little bit of how. Demonstrates concepts like parameter wiring and using CorVex.

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New video on methods to control UVs visually without need for UVW modifiers.

Terrains and UV flow demonstration.

Holy moly, Making a road like that in 10 minutes?

Indeed. That video is under 8 minutes… and would be less time without talking and explaining. Doing a video like this on-the-fly and trying to stay cohesive for a recording slows my brain down some. Of course, to properly align the road to pixel-perfect alignment would have increased the time a little bit. I only did a few faces that needed adjusted to condense the video… there were a few more that also needed tweaks.

CorVex was updated today to version 1.61 . Since the last posts, various new features have been added including new UV controls and new material functions, among others.

CorVex 1.62 Released. The following video demonstrates some of the new features.

That’s not bad, altho I would love to see how it handles displacements :3

This tool has nothing to do with displacements itself. It is for making layout geometry for games and arch/vis. In terms of displacements, it is exactly identical to using default geometry: in 3ds Max, select the polygons you want to convert to a displacement and click the Polygons to Displacements function in the WW tools. That is demonstrated just a couple posts above in the video on making roads and terrains with CorVex bases.