(NEW LIFE ROLEPLAY) Looking for active players for official faction jobs!

NEW LIFE ROLEPLAY Not a dark rp edit
-New life roleplay is a serious rp server which is in development. The gamemode will have more features than perp and many of the other major gamemodes.
These features will include the following and more :
. Perma vehicles
. Perma jobs (Flags)
. Player based economy (Drug trade and other sales)
. Checkpoint system with dynamic jobs
. Drivers license system based off checkpoints (Yes you have to take an automated drivers test.)
. Drugs that temporarily boost or long term boost your stats (Also has addiction depending on the stat boosts) (Drugs will give users significant advantages in all aspects of game play however they are very illegal)
. Hot wiring cars
. Growing marijuana and coca plants (Only people with the mafia flag can grow these) (You also have to manufacture cocaine)
. Stats (Such as strength, speed etc)
. Crafting of weapons (Hard to learn but if you are an active player you can get good at this)
. A gun store which sells guns to licensed people.
. Dynamic fires
. Real car crashed and engine failiures
. Side jobs that can be done regardless of your faction
. Much more

The gamemode will be described in more detail in its own thread. TLDR: A roleplay gamemode which will have lots of human interaction that allows people to make money based on how they roleplay. (For example you can find someone who has a cheap price on drugs no matter if you are a cop or not and sell them, however getting caught has real consequences since it is a perma character system.) (There are many legal ways to make lots of money also)

Below is the list of official faction members that we need, If you would like to apply for a position please pm me and add me on steam (Johndoe1234). We would like to establish people who will be essential for the player based economy before the gamemode is released.

If there is a * beside the faction name it means you must be active in order to apply. Also note you can have more than one job.

Police force: (Keep in mind that you can be a corrupt cop, however if you get caught that character will be demoted from being a cop as he would in real life)

  • Police Chief * (There can only be one)
  • General lower rank officers (There can be multiple lower rank officers)


  • Mayor * (There can only be one)
  • Lawyer (There can be several) (When criminals are arrested they are brought to a real trial in front of real people)
  • Judge * (There can be several)
  • Firefighter (There can be several) (It is good to be active as this class)

Mafia: ( Note that you will not be publicily known as criminals, it is a bad thing to be recognised as a criminal because the cops will often bust your grow ops and weapon smuggling operations )

  • The godfather * (There can only be one)
  • Mobster (There can be several)