New Life Roleplay (Need administrators) (Event coordinators) (Faction positions open)

CREDIT: Big Bang - Tiramisu 2
Crazycarpet - New life script (Uses Tiramisu as a base gamemode) * note it is more than a schema *

-New life roleplay is a semi serious rp server which is in development. The gamemode will have more features than perp and many of the other major gamemodes.
These features will include the following and more :
. Perma vehicles
. Perma jobs (Flags)
. Player based economy (Drug trade and other sales)
. Checkpoint system with dynamic jobs
. Drivers license system based off checkpoints (Yes you have to take an automated drivers test.)
. Drugs that temporarily boost or long term boost your stats (Also has addiction depending on the stat boosts) (Drugs will give users significant advantages in all aspects of game play however they are very illegal)
. Hot wiring cars
. Growing marijuana and coca plants (Only people with the mafia flag can grow these) (You also have to manufacture cocaine)
. Stats (Such as strength, speed etc)
. Crafting of weapons (Hard to learn but if you are an active player you can get good at this)
. A gun store which sells guns to licensed people.
. Dynamic fires
. Real car crashed and engine failiures
. Side jobs that can be done regardless of your faction
. Much more

The gamemode will be described in more detail in its own thread. TLDR: A roleplay gamemode which will have lots of human interaction that allows people to make money based on how they roleplay. (For example you can find someone who has a cheap price on drugs no matter if you are a cop or not and sell them, however getting caught has real consequences since it is a perma character system.) (There are many legal ways to make lots of money also)

Below is the list of official faction members that we need, If you would like to apply for a position please pm me and add me on steam (Johndoe1234). We would like to establish people who will be essential for the player based economy before the gamemode is released.

If there is a * beside the faction name it means you must be active in order to apply. Also note you can have more than one job.

Police force: (Keep in mind that you can be a corrupt cop, however if you get caught that character will be demoted from being a cop as he would in real life)

  • Police Chief * (There can only be one)
  • General lower rank officers (There can be multiple lower rank officers)


  • Mayor * (There can only be one)
  • Lawyer (There can be several) (When criminals are arrested they are brought to a real trial in front of real people)
  • Judge * (There can be several)
  • Firefighter (There can be several) (It is good to be active as this class)

Mafia: ( Note that you will not be publicily known as criminals, it is a bad thing to be recognised as a criminal because the cops will often bust your grow ops and weapon smuggling operations )

  • The godfather * (There can only be one)
  • Mobster (There can be several)


is there a server up with this mode?

@dj viro yes add me to friends we have the beta server up, although it gets restarted often for updates. A stable release will follow soon. Johndoe1234

Edit : When i say stable i mean like out of beta. It is for the most part stable right now beside some crash bugs which will be fixed.

You again?


It is not slow. We are trying to make a good rp server that isnt a minge fest like dark rp but also is not super serious where you just sit and use /me all the time.
The marijuana plant is made from scratch, the coder Crazycarpet is very experienced. Before you judge please atleast add me to friends and try the gamemode so i can show you what it is all about.

Since you obvioustly were thinking “TLDR” the game is meant to be player revovled so that its not just a mingey car grind where you farm drugs / printers to make money. It is also meant to make it not impossible to make money so you arent walking around poor forever. The gamemode is also going the be updated constantly as the community grows and the scripter is working on features that allow players to have fun even when no one is on.

Fair enough.
Add ‘meowbird0’ on Steam, or use the steamicon widget beneath my avatar to add me.

After checking out the gamemode it’s not as bad as initially thought, could use work, but it’s a lot better then the present DarkRP gamemodes.

hi can i be admin

i promis i wonmt abuse!

This is just a minor edit of Tiramisu, tbh.

We should all change the charge plug and rebrand it for another £2400! Then we can overthrow Apple AND DarkRP!

It’s a fucking edit of Tiramisu yet he’s talking shit about Tiramisu?

Fuck logic. I’m going back to sleep.

It is not a minor edit. It is a very very major edit. If you want to try the beta please add me (Johndoe1234) Please do not knock it before you try it

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No one is talking shit abut Tiramisu. It is a great base but it is (EDIT)different to work with if you plan to do work outside of what is included in the schemas. That being said it is simple to customize and make a cool gamemode with just on its own(END EDIT). Tiramisu was used as the base for this gamemode because it is great. That is what it was made for…

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Maybe if you are truly into roleplay you can. I can give you moderator for starts and free vip for life.

From the hate that this thread has been getting, I decided to review the game mode myself which was an unexpected experience.

I explored the game mode and experience some unique features compared to what I’ve seen in the past and can imagine that the game mode will be a hit when it’s completed.
Obviously, it’s not complete and is in beta mode and does have a few bugs which I did notice when reviewing this game mode; however not every game mode is perfect straight away.

I don’t understand what all the hate in this thread is about, if you actually put the time and effort to go into the server and actually check what the server is like, your opinion would change dramatically.

If you want to give an opinion on someone’s game mode, I suggest you actually take a look at the game mode yourself before writing a load of junk on the thread.


No it isn’t. And are you seriously going to tell me what my script was made for? You basically posted in every single thread in this section telling people to stop using Tiramisu, a script my team and I made for FREE for you to enjoy and modify to your hearts content, which you use, which you modify, which your coder (Who actually has some merits as he has posted some pull requests in my repo) has forked and decided to work with.

Hell you didn’t even remotely credited Tiramisu on your OP or anywhere, on which your entire fucking gamemode runs, I found out it’s a Tiramisu edit from the screenshots. And while Tiramisu deliberately has no license for personal or commercial uses as I had intended the 3 or so years I’ve been working on it, I consider it to be a bit of a dick move for you to take my effort and my code, treat it and speak publically about it as if it’s garbage, and use it without crediting where it is due.

My bad i didnt code for it, apparently it is very customizable. Crazycarpet is the one working on this script. I did not mean to make it out to be garbage i was just saying my experience with it. I assumed everyone knew Tiramisu was made by you.

Edit: I did add some kind words for Tiramisu and i will add credit in the og post.

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List of people who have not seen it:
Johnny Guitar

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I didnt miss anything; you have a vendetta against Crazycarpet.
You have never played the gamemode or experienced any of the features. You have also never seen any of crazycarpets other work.
I would explain who you all are and why you are trash posting but i would rather just address questions.