New Life Rule needs to be changed.

How many times have you seen people nick/break/mess up your stuff, kill you and scream NLR everytime you try to get revenge?
This needs to be changed, so that the NLR only counts when the Offender dies, not the victim.
This can be a real problem on a server with one cop, and the cop is the victim.

(Dunno if this should be under request, but rant never came up in the icon list)

Don’t play DarkRP.

Problem solved.


If you don’t like it get off the traiiin

I dont mind Dark Rp except for this NLR. I recon it would be a good gamemode if a few relatively minor changes were made

DarkRP does not have NLR, haver has, never will…

errr, it definately does. I have been on loads of Rp servers (dark or otherwise) and they have the NLR. But this is not specified to the gamemodeif thats what you mean, its up to the server to have th NLR on their rules. I am proposing that it should be revised and maybe actually incorporated into the gamemodes.

That would be down to the owners of the servers themself, not darkrp.

No gamemode can force people to RP reliably. The NLR isn’t something you could easily program, without it being abused.

and how?

It is just a thearoy and a rule. Its not going to be changed because it is a valid rule.

I agree, New Life Rule is crazy, because of two things:
1: Minges and idiots hiding behind it.
2:Not being able to get to your shop in time to stop the Minge from stealing/blowing it up.
EDIT: How bout’ when Guy 1 shoots Guy 2, Guy ONE dies! In laymen terms: Reflected Damage.

so its all right if a minge Dm’s everyone on the server, trashes their stuff while their dead and screams NLR when people get their own back/ cops try and arrest them?

People are to dumb to follow it.


Do what I do. Demand monies each time you die.
If they don’t comply, find a time to squeeze in a headshot with a Desert Eagle, then constantly own them until they ragequit.

That wouldn’t work. It’d stop dming, but make guns useless for self defense.

By messing up your store and killing you, without any rp purpose, they are minging and dming, which are both ooc. The NLR is an IC system, thus people doing stupid shit will make it in-effective, whereas if everyones rping, it works fine. Just ban the twats.

Yeah. How bout a script that detects whos shooting with more then 2 kills and disables damage for him?