New Lua Coder Possibly?

[release]Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone wanted to Lua code for me and my community! We already have a really friendly coder that does not ask for much in return. But unfortunately he is not enough. He tries to do all he can but sometimes we need someone who can tug a little harder in the right direction. So that’s where I come to you Facepunch! I really need a Lua coder for our community. But before you go joining, I would like to tell you more about our community. We are called Deadly Paradox, dP for short. We are a group of friends running a DarkRP server. Yes, it is DarkRP. If you do not want to code for a “noob” server then so be it. But I do not think we will be straying from DarkRP if we cannot find another suitable gamemode.[/release]

[release]This person would code small things for us. Stuff like this:! We really do not need someone very experienced in DarkRP, that is probably one of the hardest things I have wanted to add to the server. So if you think you can tackle that you can probably tackle everything else we throw at you! [/release]

[release]Now I know this person will most likely want something in return and here is my answer. We may negotiate some sort of pay, but we would need to go through a screening process and all this junk. Now I know some awesome Lua coder is NOT going to want admin on a stupid “DarkRP” server. That is why payment would be the only other available option.[/release]

Thanks for reading FacePunch.

Ill do it. I just need the website name (If there is one)
SF: sasukeneostriker

Awesome! I thank you for the help. The webserver is currently being worked on by our web awesome man. Once it is done the website will be

Until then you can contact me at my Steam username: dwatring

Anyone else interested in helping out?

What type of stuff do you need done?

Message me on Steam I can give you more info.
ID: Dwatring

Tell me what you want me to do, and I will think about it.

Sounds good, just message me on steam: dwatring