New lua fle forCustom player models???

I just need to know the new commands to add player models too the player model selection menu. The move over to steam pipe seems to have broken it. I have tried making them .vpks, but that did nothing.

Yea I am using that, it just will not show up in the player model selection menu.

This is my code:

if (SERVER) then
	player_manager.AddValidModel( "furry", "models/furry/furry.mdl" )
	AddCSLuaFile( "test_furry.lua" )

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel",  "furry", "models/furry/furry.mdl" )

You must use it on both server and client. list.Set( “PlayerOptionsModel”, “furry”, “models/furry/furry.mdl” ) no longer needed.

Ok thanks. Just so I don’t keep asking dumb stuff like this. Where does Garry upload all changes of stuff? Like I saw him one time post all the commands and stuff he messed with in the update news column, but for this update I didn’t see anything there.

This change wasn’t made by him.