New lua virus and how to fix

** Info **

Theres a new lua virus wich is located at this i.p

** **

Its not easy to avoid this server as the server name is constantly changing name.
But the best way to keep track of it is to find it in the server list and add it to you’re favourites list.
The server also has a fake player count.

If you join this server you will experience the following.

. Not able to no-clip
. Not able to open spawn menu
. Voice chat is always on so if you have a mic they can always hear you
. Not able to disconnect
. Not able to exit gmod
. You will be constantly killed in many ways, wich include being rocketed, exploded and being mauled
. You will always be stripped of weapons

Nothing can really be done in game to avoid being killed.

If you try to disconnect from the server or open spawn menu menu ect it will say in chat in blue.

i tried to open spawn menu


i tried to disconnect


i tried to end voice chat


i tried to no-clip

And as the server has quite alot of people going there, there is oftenly message spam.

** What to do to fix this **

If you fall victim to this virus there is only one way to escape from the server.

You will need to open the Windows Tast Manager

You can open the tast manager by pressing - ** altgr + ctrl + delete ** all at once
Once its opened go to applications tab and click on garrysmod
then click end task and your gmod will close, disconnecting you from the server.

You will most likely still have the virus but it is removeble and does not pose a threat outside of garrysmod.
What you will need to do next is open you’re Garrysmod directory ( ** c:/program files/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod ** ) .
Then you will find a file called ** lua_temp **
Here is where all the files downloaded from the server will be.
So enter it and there will be all files like ulx and stuff but where your problems will be coming from is the autorun file so delete it but really you should delete anything that came from that server so delete the whole contents of lua_temp.

Now you should have a virus free gmod. ( ** p.s just for everyone to know, lua viruses ain’t really viruses they are just silly lua scripts made by noobs thats are uploaded to servers, designed to totally piss off garrysmod users.
Any " lua viruses " you may get should always be fixed by using this method ** )

Thanks for the information! However, if you haven’t noticed, there are tons of threads on this topic already, even a MEGATHREAD.

A very simple way to avoid all LUA viruses: RIGHT-CLICK a server you want to join in the Server Browser and verify that the server is reporting the correct player count. 99% of the time, if a server claims to have 50 people connected, but no one is connected, the server is either a virus server, or a shitty DarkRP DM server asking for “donations”.

It’s also very easy to keep track of this server. Protip: DO NOT JOIN THE SERVER AT THE TOP OF THE SERVER LIST WITH THE MOST USERS CONNECTED

No-problem but i am seeing alot of people falling victim to that server so a thread dedicated to this particular virus won’t harm, anyway the megathread does’nt show you how and where to get ri of this virus.

Oh god not this again.

Oh god this server is hilarious!

Lol yeah but don’t forget to the delete the lua files that are downloaded.

Oh for Christ’s sakes…

When one fucking script kiddy releases some ‘deadly lua virus’ everybody fucking freaks and we get all these threads.

Like with that Chrisaster guy…

I’m not freaking out lol im only making this thread to help out others.

I love how this guy doesn’t stop saying “lol” over and over. Shows how young he must be.

That made me lol.

Well I know an easier way, server blacklisting motherfuckers, someone made a module for it somewhere I think. This isn’t even a threat, so what, it breaks GMod, all you have to do is remove the folder and boom, instant fix.

It’s not really a virus, it’s just some shitty script.

i went on this server when the guy was making it and i watched him… he got angry at me for telling all the people in chat to ctrl alt delete to exit gmod but hese changed the server so not when you press i think alt i messes your mouse up so its hard to do it, use your keyboard

Eastern European keyboard XD

thank you, i never knew thats how you could get rid of the virus’s. thanks!

Now the server is called Facepunch - Sandbox lol

You can open the tast manager, eh?

Read the megathread where the actual guy who owns the server posted that all he did was alias over a bunch of console commands so you can’t leave. :downs:

He’s not making any virus, it’s just dumb people overracting.

Also the lua_temp folder is a folder that holds empty files with the names of the lua files you are running so the whole lua cache thing actually works. Deleting the lua_temp would do absolutely nothing because it is normally DELETED ANYWAYS when you leave a server. :v:

Think he meant Taste Manager.

Lol, I just found the server your talking about said it had 24 Players of 30 but on the server info it said 1/12