New Lua Wiki Sucks

Well… this is a silly thing to make a thread about, but i dont care the new lua wiki fucking sucks it was nice having most of the functions on one page, now i have to go through classes? wtf? anyway, does anyone have a old dump of the wiki before it turned to total shit? k thx

I agree i much preferred the old wiki

The dumps are still there, they’re just hidden away.


I disagree, I quite like the new wiki, using the greasemonkey to change the width to fullscreen of course but it’s fine none-the-less.

thx aska that kinda helps, but still i would much rather have the old wiki, as for you TGiFallen… your silly

The search still sucks in a titanic fashion

not only does the look of the wiki suck but even the functionality! doesn’t that give us the proper reasons for a better version? maybe… a not fugly one?

The appearance is opinion, I like the new wiki style(other than links being green and fixed width), a greasemonkey script solving the width issue.

Even though the search is useless for actual searching, you can type partials in there to autocomplete function names, making those easier to find.

I definitely agree, the new Wiki feels too crammed together, I want the old Wiki :frowning:

It looks more solid and a bit less messy to me. It’s more difficult to find things, though. I don’t like the color-scheme very much.

Honestly, it just seems very barren to me. I understand trying to tone things down a bit from the old wiki, but this is just a wall of green links, which isn’t very helpful if you’re trying to navigate, especially through a library of functions you don’t know already. If the intent was to make it easier to use for new coders, I’d say it missed the mark by a fair bit, but you’d have to ask some people who haven’t coded before to find out for sure.

you’re silly…

The new wiki looks awful. There was nothing wrong with the way the old one looked (it served its purpose and was easy to navigate). There was literally no reason to change it.

If you want to go and practice your web developing skills can you do it elsewhere? TIA.

i like the new wiki. it feels less cluttered and it’s easier to find things without the need to open a search box or anything

but if you wanna find something you (and i) should use one of the search options

The new wiki makes it harder in my opinion.
The old wiki never gave any problems at all.

harder how?

All the sliding menus and sutch. Also think it looks unorganised with all the new fonts.

In comparison to the older wiki it just seems less organized and more clumped together in the middle.

Honestly the old one wasn’t super ugly or anything, it was functional and easy to navigate. The new one is clunkier and uglier, even if not by much, but it’s still worse.

Uh the new wiki awful, it not user friendly at all. The color coded server/client side is really stupid and is going to confuse a lot of people if they don’t know what it means. Until they hover over it of course but i doubt many people are going to hover over a random looking Image. Okay so it looks good but who cares about that the wiki isn’t meant to go for good looks it meant to help people, thats why this one fails and the older one was better.

It’s hard to navigate. Really hard.
Also, finding things is now more complicated.