New Lua Wiki Sucks

It’s hard to navigate because you’re used to the old wiki. You’ll get used to it.

Pages with a link to every other page aren’t newb friendly. And the wiki should be easy for newbs to use.

I just want the icons back, they are a quick and easy way to check the arguments/return types/etc.

Having images to represent argument types was completely stupid. I’m sure you’ll get used to having look at boring old text.

I agree, images just make the wiki messier. For example, look at how clear the OpenGL reference pages are and they have no images at all.

I really think that PHP has the PERFECT system…

The comments at the bottom of the page are pretty much the best thing ever.

Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re confusing as fuck and have broken code and shit in them and you have to read a 20 page long discussion to figure out what you need to do.

But it’s better than no comments, right?

I care more about substance than the organization of most things. Even if the wiki was hard to find what you were looking for, and wasn’t much to look at, it still had easy access to the articles we we’re looking for.

I think Additional Notes offers everything comments would minus the spam

My icons :smith:

I dont like the way the background repeats. It doesnt look right IMO.

also that.

Stupid puke green, and Dlaor’s icons were awesome, I wish we could put these back, but keep the new server/client icons for lists.

It keeps logging me out. :confused:

Me too - I need to look into that. Will do tomorrow.

I actually really like the new look of the wiki, however, I agree with wizard of ass about arguments/return types/etc. I like the new way of saying shared, client, or server though.

I like the colored boxes that represent client and server, they’re simpler and more compact than the original ones.

I think what annoys me the most is that huge bold font used for titles. If it were less bold/huge it’d be nice.

I can’t see anything disastrously wrong with it… I don’t see why it can’t stretch widthways to the screen, though.

I liked the old one better, but I guess I just need to get used to the new one.

Only problem i’ve had so far is the autocomplete for the search shows up on the right of the screen and everything else is centered. An improved search would be definite improvement.