New Lua Wiki Sucks

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but is there any way to get to the Server/Client libraries without searching a random function, clicking it, and then clicking its blue/yellow box to get to the list?


If you are using firefox just write Serverside/clientside in your address bar and it will show a list of recent pages with that name,also direct links.

Just go to the name of the library…?

It’s not that bad. I can still look up stuff without much difficulty.

I think i would like it a lot better if it was full screen.

Please, oh please make it floating and not fixed width. I have no idea why would you want to waste so much screen space on design. Especially since the wiki is clearly technical and the average visitor doesn’t give two shits about how it looks. Also, ow - the colour scheme is a huge strain on the eyes.

tl;dr If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Oh, and KISS.

Garry already said he isn’t fixing it. It’s presumably an issue of pride rather than logic. There’s a greasemonkey script if you’d like to change it.

The problem with the old wiki wasn’t the layout or design of it, it was the number of missing, outdated, broken, or useless pages.
Changing everything to green and adding 5 inches of space to the sides doesn’t fix that.

fixed width trash

Now that SteveUK has said it he will do it for sure

I don’t like the big empty space on the right.

Can we please replace the tiny shared icon with one that matches the new server/client icons?
Try this:

I like the distinction between hooks and classes on the navbar.
I dislike how my web browser cuts off the navigation bar when the window has a lower size.

I shouldn’t have to inject where I want to go exactly into the address bar.

There should be a button right on the main page that does it.

It’s pretty much the equivalent of saying that you have to go into the kitchen and make your own meals at a certain restaurant. That should be the restaurant’s job. Or saying the only way to access Fast Threads is to type into the address bar. There should be (and is, obviously) a link straight to it from the main forum.

While we’re at it, what the flying fuck is the “Function Reference” at the bottom of the main page for? Is it just my browser, or is there absolutely nothing underneath it?

Where’s that?

This will fix your problem.

Press ctrl and f5, it already is.

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Maybe we should have a page with a link to all the functions and hooks on it, a cheat sheet? Then link that off the front page.

My problem with these pages is that they draw a huge distinction between client and server. It should be noted, but they shouldn’t need completely separate pages for each.

Links are blue now

I think I fixed the randomly logging out shit - but not sure yet

I added disqus comments, to add them to a page add <comments/>

Who is going to moderate it? because its going to get spammed most likely with useless information

We’ll worry about that when it happens.