New Lua Wiki Sucks

It should be Server-Shared-Client rather then Shared-Server-Slient


who cares

Clearly not since it’s not fluid width yet

Wouldn’t of just been better to add them to all pages by default and then remove them with a magic word?

I don’t think so. I only really want them on function and hook pages.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the discussion pages though? Don’t really see a point in having another section for comments. At least with the discussion pages it can be openly moderated as well.

SocialNetworkingMediaWikiWeb2.0 Garry Edition! …but seriously, I like it. I just don’t think people adjust to change very well.

Dang I want “Your First Scripted Weapon” to be finished so I can learn lua without being confused :X.

The talk pages are for discussing the contents of the page, not the functions. I don’t think many people looking at the function description actually look at the talk page for extra help.

Plus this is easier to use.

It’s kind of weird that you need a separate login for the wiki and for the comments, that’s the limit of using Disqus I guess.

I’ve got a “simple” working code I made for that article, but lazyness prevents me to make a tutorial about it.

And why on earth would someone comment on wiki articles anyway, that’s just plain stupid in my opinion.

Can we at least get the search bar back under the menu on the left? I tried to make a greasemonkey script to do such, but it just breaks the search suggestions.

They should be added to the articles and tutorial pages too, people would probably comment on those more than functions.

Using the fluid width userscript The-Stone posted works wonders[/media]

as opposed to:


Why are you full screening the wiki with a screen that big?

Bookmarks/tab usage

Oh fair enough I spose, still I’d rather be able to have multiple windows on my screen and a nice little compact browser and just type “” in myself rather than have a little button for it.

Fixed width poses a few problems if you want to resize it as well. If you make the window smaller than the fixed layout’s width, then you get horizontal scrollbars. If it’s larger than the fixed width layout then it’s not taking advantage of the extra space.

Titanic Fashion.

Not having a link to the 3 most usefull pages on the whole site isn’t “newb” friendly. People need and will still go to the Server, Shared, and Client pages. And there does need to be a distinction, as many of the “newbs” post questions all of the time about their code not knowing the diifference of server side and client side only functions. It makes having that big list of functions to look through easier to understand and search.

There should be a link to all 3 under the Functions tab.

I’m just looking out for future and current new scripters. When I started, I would have never made any progress or comprehension without those 3 pages.

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