New main screen

Garry, the new screen for server in friends tab, is showing me non Rust servers like Dota and CS:Condition Zero.

I can’t take a picture too from game to show you.

The historical tab is showing servers from others games too…

You can’t take a screenshot? Rust uses the Steam overlay so you just have to hit F12 to take a screenshot. Or just use PrintScreen and copy into Paint.

I got an idea, I take a shot using window mode:

In full screen:

And by steam, F12 didn’t worked

What happens when you join those servers?

ideally you would be able to run around in those games and murder people with rocks.

but on a serious note it just wont connect

Nothing happens.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I imagined myself killing people in CS using a rock instead a knife :stuck_out_tongue: This could be awsome! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yeah at a certain you stop seeing progress, just exiting or entering fullscreen fixes that. Switch back and forth, depending on your preference. worked for me.


This is the best bug. I really want to recreate this and start killing dota heroes with rocks.