[New Map 09/02/2014] :: [Noob-Friendly][Random Airdrops][New Map 09/02/2014][UK Based][Sleepers][PvP][No Mods][Hack=KickBan]

! WE HAVE MOVED MACHINES, USE THE NEW IP ( Don’t worry, it is still the same map and you keep your inventories! ) !

[=] Remember to bookmark this page incase you lose the IP!

[=] To join, press F1 and type: net.connect

[=] Why should you play our server instead of someone else’s?
- We don’t tolerate any kind of hacks
- We have an Active Admin, who will always try to help in whatever way he can
- We have no admin interference ( Not giving out items to himself )
- No Admin Abuse
- We have Random Airdrops
- No Mods
- Everyone is friendly to new players

[=] How YOU can have an impact
- Do you want events on the server? If we have enough people wanting them, we’ll try and do it!
- Want a certain feature added or changed? If public opinion is strong, we’ll see what we can do!

[=] How can you contact us?
- The easiest way to contact us is through our teamspeak: candc.ts.nfoservers.com
- Talk to us in-game!

[=] To join, press F1 and type: net.connect - we hope to see you on the server!

no lagg. its a christmas miracle

if you bring 2 friends on the server and they play a fair bit, you get a supply signal :slight_smile:

Can Someone Pretend to be my friend so i can get one supply signal?

@7ofdays, in theory u could

[editline]9th February 2014[/editline]

but u have to persuade them

Ah ok i have tac just need one more then.

alright, gl

what do you consider hacking can i ask?

having a hacked client and using it to give an advantage - why you ask?

because i use nodus on minecraft to improve my fps.

whats nodus?

nodus is a hacked client on minecraft i dont really like to use it but im so good at pvp.

have u got friends on yet

like 8 so you owe me 4 supply signals.

where are they?

i havent seen 8 pll

omg u boob


i meant to say noob.

oh ok xD did ur finger slip or something?