New map and features before release?

I for one think rust has a very plain, dull map. The game so far actually looks really well done, but the map makes it look kind of, well, shit. I think the map would look a ton better if the forests were a bit thicker and there was more of a beach than a straight down cliff that leads to death. I also think it would be a bit better if there were ghost towns and weather cycles instead of 3 factories and summer all year round. Does anyone else agree that before this game is released these things should happen or are my ideas just stupid? Be honest with me.

Of course the map will be redone before release, I’m pretty sure the devs realise they could do a lot more with it.

Does anyone have an overhead view of the entire map? I’m quite interested in what it looks like.

Have a look on imgur im sure i have seen one there before

**[Rust Wiki - Ingame_Maps](**
Feel free to bookmark :wink:

Thanks :3 Not much point in bookmarking as I don’t have access to the game. But hey, at least I know what to expect when I get in someday,

I’m fanboying over you right now. Of all the people to reply of course it was my favorite youtuber.