New Map (Can we Possibly get this on Trello?)

Who is tired of the map? I think it definelty needs new variety, maybe snow, various forest, cities, and snow covered peaks.
Share your support,
What do u want in a new map

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Maybe even caves that u can hide in.
A great implement would be lakes w/ fishing and hunting w/ spears. We could set up tpees for temperary shelter.

Map is huge but there are spawns only around the road :frowning:
Better will be make somehow spawns because map is one big island for 1k player easyli…

BTW - I saw somewhere new textures maybe on Trello and looks nice…

Sweet, just imagine what climbing a mountain w: ur friends will be like or setting up camp in the thick forest

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Final thought, what if u lived in a skyscraper in the middle of a huge radtown/ or a cave

They are working on these.

Amazing, thank for sharing

Please understand that not everything they are working on is public information. It is very likely that if they are not working on a map at the moment, they do have plans to improve/re-do the map in the future.


Good point, I should have mentioned that

The map we are on is just a test map so yea… you will get your wish :slight_smile:

Why would they add cities when they said they plan on removing all static buildings.

U never know(I mean their testing red mutant animals)

They planned on mutant animals to begin with. The zombies were place holders.

I just wish they could put something more organic and diversified

Eh I mean I guess, but they believe the zombies make it a “dayz clone.” I would be fine with the mutant animals if they are more mutant than just a red painted bear :P. Even though that is probably a place holder as well.

Yea Ikr what would ur suggestion be?

Now, lets say I make a new map in Unity3D, is there a way/does someone know how I could implement that as a map for a server? What should the map type be for it to work as a mod?

Oh wow.

Well there was some blog made a while back by Garry talking about mutant animals, and like these chickens would open up and have like 3 layers of teeth and look creepy. Then there was like a deer that had like sharp points over it. Stuff like that where there is actually a since of a “mutant” animal would make it good.

Do you think seasons and weather would become a feature of the game?

Maybe five or six days per season, short winter days, long summer days etc., rain, snow, dry n lush grass, deciduous trees - that would make any map more interesting.

After a while, any map would get boring as it is atm tbh. unless that extra space is populated with resources, but with a new map? on the cards (so to speak) it’d be interesting to see what’s in store for us.