New map idea

Hello I own a server. I am not here to advertise but I would like a custom map made on the map rp_downtown_v4c_v2. I am willing to pay £10 due to ive just paid a sh** ton of money on addons recently

What I would like:

-Underground sewers and tunnels
-Improve PD [Police station]
-A race track
-A beach
-Huge bank with working bank vault
-A farm
-Make so only our server can use this map
-Put our server name on billboards and graffiti all around
-General added buildings and places to base [Do what you like for this one]
-A ring road/motorway around the map

[To be truthfully honest I really like civil gamers map and dont wanna steal it which is why I want a custom one.]

I hope to speak with you soon.

Are you planning to wait until the map is done before you announce how many pence you will be offering for its completion, then?

If someone is willing to make it I will let them know

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Ive edited it.

Nobody’s going to do this for 10 pounds.

Well I will have to wait and get some more money then wont I

I explained to him why I won’t do it for £10.

Hopefully it will help him understand what you can get for £10 of someone’s time.