New Map indev

hey all just showing off some pictures of my first Source Map.
PLEASE NOTE, This is far from finished and things will certainly change.
Constructive feedback will be great.

You should finish your very ‘first map’ as far as you can before even considering to post it on the forums - so far its just a few blocks with development scale textures and we have no idea as to what some things like the labyrinth are supposed to be.
Also, generally posting pictures of your map belongs in the so called “Mapping Pimpage Thread” - you can’t miss it since it’s always in the frontpage.

I see, do forgive me. I am still very new to Facepunch :3

it actually looks pretty decent for a first map

List of jobs and upgrades

  1. Much Better lighting
  2. Soundscape
  3. Better skybox texture
  4. Much more detail to buildings (cubed buildings are unrealistic and Poor)
  5. More detail in general


gotcha didn’t see that

Keep at it but maybe make the borders more realistic? The buildings are sort of looming up into the play area.

This is his first map is has ever made, on any engine. Not just the Source Engine.

How do you know he already doesn’t have soundscapes?

pineclean. Time for bed. Read who posted that and who the op is.

So is it supposed to be some kind of prison? It does look good for a first start.

Fuck, i feel like an idiot D: