New Map!! :OOOO

Actually the map is old… The Rp_City11_Night But it was so big that Timsland couldn’t take it to their new map so I was inspired to make it little smaller… There might be some errors in the map… Here is the link:

…Joined just to post this…





Maybe i do something else here too, now that i joined…

The map was perfect how it was also I guess you decompiled and recompiled it and now its pure shit made out of bugs

I tought it was something like that


well I tried…


No i tried to fix those problems best i could… Download it and try…

I fixed all the errors I found so here is the new link:

DON’T DECOMPILE AND RECOMPILE it breaks a lot of stuff that you can’t fix!
Please don’t edit maps, make your own unless you want to look like a complete idiot.

Decompiling other peoples maps is generally frowned upon, plus it usually fucks up the brushwork.

In my opinion,
Decompiling maps is fine as long as it’s for learning purposes. ie: The map does something you think is cool, and want to know how it’s made. As long as you don’t recompile or copy anything, I think it’s ok.

I decompile the Half-Life 2 maps, but just to see how an entity works. :slight_smile:
You just don’t release a decompiled and edited version.