New Maps and orientation

What I’ve read so far, is that a lot of people have issues with the new map system.
So how about adding a craftable Compass, which could help for the orientation?
I think that could be a good solution…

Since I’m new to this forum and a noob to the game, sorry if the idea already exists and I reposted a new thread for it.

It’s been often asked for, and with everybody on the same map for a long period of time, IMO it was never really necessary because you could eventually figure it out.

If the maps change a lot from being servers wiping and regenerating, then it might make sense, although I kind of like the idea of being forced to use the sun and landmarks to judge direction (and being SOL at night).

Along with this I’d like an option to create groups or something so you can find where your friends are.

On a fixed map its difficult initially to find people but you learn where things are. On a random map it would constantly be ‘Im near the rocks, next to the tree’ :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely that there will ever be a “party” or “friend” system. Especially not one that marks friends on a map or on screen for you.

Eventually we’ll get the tools to differentiate friend from foe ourselves but we’ll have to do it our own way, the game isn’t going to do it for us.

This would only happen if the server owners keep changing the map seed.

Procedural does not mean random. It uses a seed function to generate. People have been finding each other for thousands of years. Maybe i’s time you look into how.

Garry has said adding moss and a star map is in the works.

Maybe they will add features like signal fires…

The interesting thing is that just walking around randomly you are more likely to find your group than it is to actively search.

Why do you need a compass when there is a sun and moon?

I veto the idea of a map. Me and my friends have already established north south east and west. So, if we need to find each other, it’s: I’m south of the base but north of road on the east side towards the rocks.

This game is all about being resourceful. Be resourceful.

I don’t want a map either. But a compass might be useful, I think. Especially if the maps differ from server to server.

Cardinal directions don’t change.

You can generally orient yourself using the sun or moon by the time a compass needle stopped spinning. Assuming, that is, that the direction the sun rises and sets doesn’t suddenly change one day. Ahem.

The cardinal directions NEVER change. The landscape itself was rotated because its orientation was incorrect before.

I look forward to getting lost. The old map I know like the back of my hand. I need a map i can lose myself in…and bandits have a hard time locating my spot.

I also enjoy getting lost… It really isn’t as difficult to learn a map as people make it out to be. A compass is unnecessary, there’s a compass hanging in the sky 24/7.

Quite frankly, if the game had a compass I would never craft or loot one. It’s just a complete waste of an inventory slot.

Personally I would enjoy having a map and a compass in the game if they were treated like the ArmA system. EX: You have to kneel down to access it.

I don’t understand the point of this… what does kneeling have to do with using a compass?

Well it makes you immoble while using it. So you cannot just run and use the compass. It was just an idea.

For me…no map…no compass…pitch black nights…and make me feel scared and vulnerable as all hell.


The only map I’d ever consider (esp with procedural) is a user made one in game with paper and charcoal. If I take the time to go draw it all out, then I should have one. But as a freebie…no effing way. A huge part of the fun was figuring out where the hell I was.

Something like this:

You need paper and a pencil (crafted however). While walking around the map WITH the paper and pencil in hand you could sketch the area as you “discover it”. If you die you lose all progress on that one map. You can be killed and your semi-completed map can be taken. If you find someones partial map you can add it to your own.

While I would rather not have a map personally I don’t think this would be a big deal.

Something like what this dude was saying back in April. I’d be stoked to see this come to fruition, such a good idea IMHO

But which hemisphere is Rust in?