New Maps not recognized.

EDIT: A fourth reinstall fixed it… Weird.

Ok, so i installed a few maps, and yes before anyone says it, they are in the correct directory:
And they are unzipped.

Did a recent update cause this?
or is this a generic problem, if so, how do i fix it?

Also, yes i am looking in ‘Garry’s Mod’ and ‘Other’ and nothing shows up.

Edit: Same shit for addons too.

Try using the console.
In the console, type “map <mapname>” without quotes, where <mapname> is the filename of the map. Omit the .bsp part of the filename.

I should have noted in my first post that i have tried everything, literally.
Including that.
just says it can’t find it in garrysmod\garrysmod\maps.

Is it possible that you have multiple installations of Garry’s Mod or some sort of link to an old garrysmod folder from where you cleaned your folder?
It is really sounding like its is in the wrong folder somehow, since this problem affects maps and addons

See first post.