New Medieval Survival RP

Due to my love of everything dark and middle-ages, and the dropping of the current medieval Survival Rp gamemode (The Middle Ages), I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m not certain of how much of the community will support this, but either way I’m making it and could use helpful suggestions for my alpha build. There will be less level grinding and no MOBs. The initial map release will feature a large city with fertile farms at it enough to support many people, but then scattered huts or villages in the distance with very little food supply, but better sources of metal and wood. This should hopefully result in plenty of wars over ground, as farms and the protection of city walls should become much more valuable than mines or trees and yet those with the mines and trees will be able to furnish weapons without leaving the protection of city walls and their homes.

This will be a fairly heavy modification of the Chewgum’s stranded remake, (I will try to make it as appealing to current stranded gamers as possible), with the following changes / additions planned for the alpha stage:

-Addition of player classes and civilization support (replacing tribes)
-Combination of tool creation into one work bench
-Combination of weapon creation into either a workbench or custom anvil model (Already have all of the models ready)
-Build capabilities (workbench, anvil, fountain etc.) based upon class, I.E. a blacksmith
-Custom weapons including bows, crossbows, swords of varying levels (Have about 80% of the weapons I plan on using so far)
-Removal of all gunpowder or energy based weaponry (Unless adding the medieval hand cannon, but this is unlikely))
-Support for hexed dark messiah player models based upon class
-classes to include: (King, Knight, Guard, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Villager, Farmer)
-Villagers will be the general mining / woodcutting class (All classes will still support prop spawning with resources)
-Support for gold currency (later expansion to silver sub-currency)
-Support for Gold and Silver mining by the highest level miners
-Gold and Silver currency drop models
-Health will be class-based and will regenerate about 1 point every 2 seconds (removing health kit creation from stranded)
-Fruit picking (ability to harvest melons etc. and store them to be moved off farms and eaten elsewhere)
-Maps to have limited harvesting and planting areas for outlying farms and gardens, rather than planting all over the map (might lessen planting spam)
-Rocks and trees to have unlimited resources, and remove sprout planting since wood will come from the map’s pre-added trees
-Support for carbon steel resource refined from existing iron (For swords, knives and advanced bows possibly)
-Map with custom embedded tree models, plus anvil for forging weapons (70% completion) (current priority)

^ Progress updated as-of 4/12/2010 ^

If you have experience with weapons scripting, modeling and animations, and want to pitch in support for that part of this project let me know. All contributors will of course be credited.

If you want to collaborate on the beta release map (or maps), or add your own village to the terrain let me know as well and I can import and try to optimize it with what is already completed. The mapping progress has been slow, as usual.

Expected release won’t be for a while, once the map is ready for testing it will be up on a dedicated server for a week before public release in order to work out any bugs that develop.

I got permission from Chewgum to use and modify his stranded gamemode when released for the making of this. Due to that, I’m putting the coding on hold, keeping what I’ve done so far in case it takes too long for his to release, and I will be continuing map production.

Map is about 70%, just getting dynamic lighting to function fully and also attempting to make a custom day/night cycle with a moving sun so that shadows will move along the ground. I’m trying to use a chain of env_light entities along the skybox which will successively switch on and off as a 1-hour timer counts down until they are all off, and it goes to a 1 hour night cycle. If that gets too resource demanding I’ll drop it in favor of performance. So far I’m using light_environment with much success at casting light through the palace windows.

I will update with in-game screen-shots as soon as the main city is completed. Should be a few days.

Sounds cool, I’d love to see screen shots when its ready :D.

It’s looking okay, but I have a problem with being a perfectionist, and can’t stand to not make every square inch micromanaged haha.

I’m still deciding whether to port it into ep2 or keep it in css textures for people that don’t own all the games. It’s hard not using a nicer graphics engine.

Sounds great!
I wish there were some screens of it.

I could make a test map if you wanted one.

Maybe once the gamemode hits full gear I’ll get in touch with you and we can get some other maps going.


I’ll try and get in-game map screens tonight, right now I’m at the office and can’t really be going nuts on gmod or SDK haha.

Might want to take a look at this (a SWep I made):

That’s actually a really nice SWep, can’t wait 'til it’s textured! Also has nice additional features that come with it, so if I use it it’ll probably be the highest level sword available due to the extra attacks. So far I’m thinking of using the Silver sword and LOTR sword from, with toned-down attack strength on them.

Wish someone would be able to port swords WITH animations from dark messiah…the deathblows were just ridiculously awesome even with the slow-motion disabled. I personally have no idea how to port weapons and animations between source-based games though, but the fact that Dark Messiah is the same source engine as HL2 gives me hope for some day in the future…

A friend got me hooked into Aion last night, so I’ll post pics when I get around to it.


GOD Aion is addictive…

Still planning to post pics though, this weekend I’ll have time.

Medieval Survival RP hmm… sounds good

Do want.