New Menu's Refresh button doesn't work?

Right, after the game loads fully and the new menu with a monster behind it pops up, I press ESC, I click on ‘play game’ and then there’s a server list. It’s totally empty and theres a refresh button next to it, I click on it a shitload of times and it doesn’t work, any ideas?

I think it’s in place for the Steam client release and not meant to be used in the web player.

So its unplayable for now?

(P.S: Thanks for your guide, it really helped me.)

The game is playable. Join a server from the website’s server list.

That “Play Game” option in the escape menu is for the standalone version of the game, as an in-game server browser.

You may be having an issue that I know nothing about, sorry.

Well I pretty much click in a server from and then it loads me to this screen with a monster’s shadow in the buildings, and the only thing I can do is press ESC and browse through the options, what to do? I’ve seen this problem so commonly… but no fix…

Getting Rather annoying, not sure when the Devs are going to address it though