New Midwest PvP Server Oxide DoorShare

[US]MidWest No_BS - Oxide - DoorShare 1/4Craft 1/14/2014
Connection Info:

So if you’re interested come check the server out!
Press F1 and paste “net.connect” into the console

And take a look at our website & public Mumble at

WIPED 01/14/14
Server Info:
Active admins
Noob Friendly
Door Sharing
1/4 Craft
Airdrops @ 15+ Players
In-Game Events
Basic Economy

We are a brand new server, have Oxide as of right now we have not modified any drop rates.
We plan on having Events and Econ Prizes on the weekends. “although we would like at least 15 players on to do this”

One of the reasons we made this server is because of admin abuse, we are open to recruiting moderators but will only be flaged for kick and possibly ban/tp
We currently have 4 Admins and 1 Mod, We will try our best to keep hackers in check.

Airdrops are currently set to 15 Players.

We are open to suggestions.

The server is 100 Capacity and we may incorporate a White list in the future if the community wants it, or becomes established enough.

We Currently Have turned of Fall Damage until the hack is patched.

We Have Finished our first PVP arena, we also installed ChangeYourName pluggin, which will auto kick people with color codes or symbols not on the keyboard

First PvP event starting in at 9pm Central 1/16/14

We have add a forum to post on

And a Small Mumble Server

We are still trying to build a player base, we have some active groups but still plenty of room for people looking for a fresh server.

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Here is a Pic of the Solo/Team DeathMatch Arena

Here is a link to Some Steam Screens of the PvP Arena(s)