New Military Models Pack [WIP]

It’s just WIP. I’ll add more models and resizing KA52’s size. :smiley:

LAV25 and M109A6 are done. =)

Hahah, Cute!

Any other models?

Flying choppers that kill people is cute?

Very cute.


Port the ka 50 blackshark if possible?

port the a10 and su-25 if possible?

ANd I don’t really know if theses are ingame…

Release the paladin and lav25

Those are amazing!!! What are they from…? (assuming they are ports which I believe them to be)

Operation flashpoint I presume?

No, if they were from OFP they’d be lower quality, I’m guessing they’re from another game.

Bad Company?

Can you port some of the Desrt Combat models I know some of them are in the other millitary models pack but there’s more than that in the game. This is looking like it’s going to be more popular than the other millitary pack.

It’s from OFP :slight_smile:

Agreed. Right now, I’m trying to port lock on models.

You should start porting some ARMA. So many military vehicles you could port, T90 anyone?

I want soviet tanks!

Tanks and more tanks. skant.

Eurofighter Typhoon, Challenger 2 and Nimrod

And here I’d just asked you about this in one of your screenshot threads

Good Job dd! Soo you fnished Ka-50 after all! nice
TO Ultraponch - Yes, we found golden mountain of arma models to port (T-90, T-80, BTR-90, BTR-80, plus some crazy ass jet fighters like berkut ) problem is that Oxygen 2 refuses to compile those models, ddok said something about model lock. Soo right now he can only port OFP models, but they have some good T-90 too.

Holy piss I came.

That’s KA 52. The KA 50 is single seater, and looks more badass then the KA 52.