New Missile Launcher

New missile auto-targeting or normal with thrusters effect and new explosion effect…They can be welded to any prop or cars, planes without any problem of collision…

Working with wire…

Nex update: Stool form…

Anyone have suggestion?

Update 1.1: Add frags to the Owner on explosion
Anti-spam sytem

This isn’t a release.
Why is it here?

I think he’s just trying to put it here since its near completion, so once its done he can edit it and put the link here, Looks good ^^ :dance:



You’re not going to knock enemy fighters out of the air with cool explosion effects.

i will rework on it

Much obliged.

– Now give frags on Explode
– Anti-Spam System added

Will upload it tommorow!!!

I think you should add the ability to chose your model you want to use so you can make anything a missile! :smiley:


Definitely have them respawn after a while (ACE Combat style) to prevent the need of rewiring/re-attaching everything.


yea what about “this”

i think 343N wants the same as the guy he quoted , thus making it have a option to select the model …