Hello world. I think I may need
a little help on this one.
I will be making a mod so its
just like a PC, but not full pc.

In Game Programming
Mini Games
Google Chrome Browser
Fire Fox Browser
Safari Browser
Full Access to the Web

if you want more just comment it
or contact me at:

please help! /
if you want to help |
just send what help |
you can to the stuff |

up there==========

when the mod is done I will post it here and on the workshop.

I hope you will enjoy this project as much as i will! :dance:

(User was banned for this post ("Spam" - SteveUK))

And you’re sure that you can even code?

is this some new spam sort or this is legit? if so, that’s risky to post phone numbers on the interwebs publicly.

1 VAC ban(s) on record
19 day(s) since last ban

He likes to cheat. Don’t bother to trust him.

And judging by his Workshop contents, he’s just a kid.
But how can his steam account be 9 years old, in 2005 he was probabbly just 3.

(Probabbly bought it)

He got banned on rust

Why would anyone bother working on it.
Especially when there is something like coderhire where you can not only post your scripts but also get some nice pile of $$$.

What happened to open source? Where people would release everything free of charge.

People still do, but right now people enjoy getting paid for their work and support they give

I was 5 when my father first popped half life 2 in his computer. I inherited the account per se.