New Modern Warfare 2 Props Pack

Police Car




MH6 with Pilot

Used Parachute/ Bodybag/ Carepackege/ Predator Controller/ M5 Sentrygun/
Snowmobile/ Medical Hammock(?)

Bulletproof Minigun Van / Technical


Any requests?

What the hell, all of tags are fucked up.

I suppose you aren’t making any ragdolls for this one, otherwise would be asking for brazilian militia.

Care package & it’s marker would be nice to see.

Some destroyed helicopters from the Whiskey Hotel level and multi-player would be awesome.


Nikolia’s AC130 that he picks you up in when you drive it in the back would be sweet. Some jets would be nice too.

Also the IMG tags don’t work sometimes, use the little picture box in the Bold/Italic/Underline row.

Anything from Estate (Making a more modern map, could be useful)

Fantastic job mate

It’d be pretty cool to get some of the stuff from Makarov’s armory, ammo cans and packs of C4 and stuff.

God, please iron the normals on the pick up truck, PLEASE.

The props are awesome btw.

The FBS Van from No Russian, some more helicopters, and if possible the Russian Typhoon Class Submarine from that one mission.

Looking good

as for requests, The M104 Wolverine, the tank that deploys a bridge in the first level.

crashed helis and planes, i agree with the FBS van, and the other requests :v:


carepackage with all its embelms :razz:

care packages yes

We need the F15s at the start of the gulag. Yes those two jets!

When do these gain a release?

Snowmobiles, would be sexy.

And possibly those migs from the blizzard mission


YAY, can’t wait to be released :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you ripping these?

I cant ripping u know